Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Goal Post

Tee-hee. Suckered all the football fans in with that header. Actually, this is just a post about my goals for this brand new year. I know every other blogger in Blogville has one, but  just bear with me as I chat about what I hope to accomplish in 2014. Hope, of course, being the key word for I could be mowed down by a herd of hungry chickens at any time. So here we go, Vicki`s goal post.


I cannot believe another year has come and gone. I will remember 2013 with great fondness for last year I saw my dreams come to life. It was a fabulous ride, filled with way more ups than downs in terms of my writing as well as some personal goals being met. I reached a one year tobacco free goal in 2013, and am rather confident the cigarette monkey is off my back. I hope. Although I must admit that when I see people on TV smoking I find myself inhaling as they do. Damned nasty habit.

I`m not a believer in making resolutions. I`d rather work on goals throughout the year. I don`t believe resolutions or diets work. If they did we`d all weigh a hundred pounds, be married to Henrik Lundqvist . . .

Sorry, I drifted a bit. Where was I? Oh yes, hundred pounds and hot Swedish goalies. Right. We would be having J. R. Ward and J.K. Rowling coming to our New Year`s party as well.

So, instead of saying I`m going to diet, I say I`m going to cut down. That will work better for me. My hubby is now on one of his crazy crash diets where he eats nothing but salad topped with pine needles then walks ten mile a day. He has dropped ten pounds in under two weeks. Huzzah for him, but the thing that I can`t get into his head is that he is not changing his eating habits. So, when he stops torturing his body, the weight he lost as well as ten more pounds comes right back. But he does as he wishes as I do. So, I`ll be cutting down over the next year. If I drop a few pounds, wonderful! If not, c`est le vie.

Onto the writing goals. I need to streamline my writing projects a bit. I`ll be combining my two free reads to take one more task off my back.  Over the past year I have learned to focus on one project at a time. That has helped me tremendously to keep on track with my books, which in turn gets the novels/novellas completed and into editing in a timely manner. I plan to continue with that work ethic. One book at a time. I know, you see two word meters over there on the right, but the anthology is a work-in-progress that I plan to continue adding to one novella at a time over the next year or so when time permits. I have two stories completed for it, and two more in the queue.

For me, 2014 will be the year of the Wildcats! I`ll be having at least three, possibly four, novels in my To Love a Wildcat series coming out over the course of the year. I`ll be mainly concentrating on promoting that series, editing the finished book, and  writing the one that remains unwritten. I also have to do a rewrite for book three of the series, since I lost the majority in a coding incident. Yes, I shed a few tears to lose all that work, but sometimes life gives you a kick a rump. You can either lay on the ground rubbing your backside, or you can get up and flip off that darn Murphy and his law. Consider this my raspberry to you, Murphy`s Law! 

I also hope to have the final book in my Gods & Goats trilogy released during 2014. As it stands at the moment, it may go right to digital with no print version. The cost of printing the books is almost beyond what I can justify, and since my printer still does not offer  print-on-demand services, I would have to order a large quantity. Times being what they are, with a daughter entering college next year, I simple cannot spend that kind of money on books. I hope my readers understand and will pick up a digital copy when Of Titans & Tractors  becomes available.  My editor informs me it is a barn-burner!

Don`t fear those of you who are waiting for more M/M romantica! I could never leave my beloved man on man love behind.  As you can see over to the right, I have started working on the follow-up to Templeton and Mikel`s story. I hope to have An Erie Operetta done by the end of February. If I didn`t have to rewrite my lost hockey romance, it would be done in January, but that already contracted book takes precedence.

I hope to also have a new novella for the Toms & Tabbies series written next year. I have the outline done already, as well as goodly amount started, but I had to set it aside to fulfill other obligations. I`ll keep you updated on how Early to Rise is coming along. You can keep an eye on the word meters to the right. I always try to keep them updated so everyone can see what I`m whittling away on at any given time.

There is also an anthology call for Torquere Press that I hope to write a submission for, so that hopefully can be crammed in between hot hockey romance. I`m also hankering to pen a pirate tale. That would be a first for me, so I may hold off on that idea for NaNoWriMo in 2014. I`m planning to get 2013`s NaNoWriMo project, Laco Law, to a beta reader in the beginning of the year.

Wowzers. Sitting back and looking over the plans for the upcoming year, I have to wonder where the heck the streamlining begins! But what the hey. I love being able to share my stories with those who enjoy them. I`m sure I`ll be able to whittle off some of the sideline work. I can also let the housework slip a bit.

Being a woman of a certain age, I have come to the conclusion that I am spending the rest of my life doing what I enjoy, and not trying to maintain an image of what others think I should be doing. So if you drop by my house you`ll probably find dusty tables. Sorry about that. If it offends you the feather duster is under the sink. Knock yourself out. You`ll also find a fresh pot of coffee, a hockey game on the tube, a friendly gal to chat with, and a romantica tale just waiting for a reader. I hope you drop by often.

What are you goals for the upcoming year? I`d love to hear them!

Have a happy and prosperous 2014 my friends.

V.L. Locey


S. J. Qualls said...

Happy New Year, Vicki! Congrats on the smoking quit! I know it was a hard go.
Dieting... Keep food out of work area and stay working, LOL! You are busy now. (Housework... think I know what you are talking about, I do not indulge.)
Here's to 2014!

Cathy Brockman said...

You left out poor Peyton... you sound awfully busy

V.L. Locey said...

Happy New Years S.J. and Cathy!

Oh my gosh, I did forget Peyton!