Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Release Day!

Happy holidays!

I`d so excited to be here in this most special time of year to talk about my latest M/M romantic-comedy from Torquere Press, All I Want For Christmas. This novella is a unique one for me in a couple of ways. It actually came about from two different sources which is not generally how my process works. I`m one of those ‘Holy Cow! What an idea!’ type of gals. My books come to me with the intensity of a toy-packed sleigh crashing into the back of my head. Not so with the story of Alex and Cooper.

The first source of inspiration was a picture prompt from Tuesday Tales, a group blog that I`m proud to be a member of. The image was of a snowy cabin out in the woods.

When I saw it I knew that cabin along with its outbuilding would be something important to me, I just didn`t know quite what. I began to fiddle with characters and ideas. I came up with a famous wildlife artist who would call the isolated cabin home. The outbuilding would be his studio. Of course, I then needed a fellow for this handsome artist to fall in love with. Since my leading man wasn`t ready to be revealed yet I let him play at being coy for just a little while longer. I knew he`d step out of the fog soon.

A few weeks later I was having a conversation online with a group of authors when one mentioned that her cat had walked over her tablet. The story clicked instantly! I knew how the men would meet. As soon as I knew the book would have a cat, my star not only stepped out of the mist, he leaped out with his grumpy cat, Mister Tibbets, in his arms. It was love at first imagining for Alex, Cooper, Mister Tibbets, and me. I hope you fall for them as well.

Here`s a blurb and a small excerpt!


Alexander Dawson thought this Christmas would be a lonely one. He has no way of knowing that his cantankerous cat, Mister Tibbets, would turn a simple online shopping trip into a cataclysmic Christmas conundrum.

Alex ends up on a madcap dash to another state during a snow storm to return a painting to dreamy wildlife artist, Cooper Reynolds.  Once he stumbles across Cooper`s remote log cabin, he and the sexy but emotionally distant painter end up sharing more than a kiss under the mistletoe.

Things aren`t all holly-jolly for the men though. Cooper gets a terrible case of icy feet, and Alex hits the road as soon as the snowplow clears it. Can Alex, Cooper, and their feline friends find a way to have purrfect holiday together?


He inclined his head at the compliment. "You're very kind." He clapped his hands and the lights went out. I circled around the hidden painting and walked over to stand in front of a potbellied woodstove. Cooper opened the door of the stove to check the heat. The fire had dwindled down to a bed of glowing red coals. I removed my mittens and shoved my hands into my armpits.

"That needs more wood before we go back to the house," Mr. Robinson announced. He headed outside. Wind and snow rushed in. I was about to close the door when Cooper reappeared with an armload of split wood. After he was through I shut the door in winter's face soundly. "Want to get the door on the stove?" he asked. I hurried to the stove, opened the heavy door, then stepped back. Within a moment the fire was burning hotly.

"This is a really nice place you have here. Very romantic," I said, enjoying the shimmering waves of heat rolling off the sides of the woodstove. I blinked when what I said clicked. "I mean, it's a romantic place if you were here to be romantic. Since you're here to paint and not be romantic and -- I'm going to go look at the bear picture now." I blushed and strolled away from the woodstove. I mentally slapped my forehead. Cooper appeared at my side a moment later as I stared woodenly at an oil of a black bear with two cubs. Feigning nonchalance I continued to study the artwork, even stroking my chin in a very artsy-fartsy affectation. Finally I got tired of sideways glances out of the corner of my eye.

"Did I sprout two heads or something?" I demanded. His eyes widened from the studious slits they had been. His head was angled to the right.

"You have very appealing features," he said roughly. I blinked stupidly. "Your eyes are colored perfectly for your face and skin tone. You have nice cheekbones, a fine straight nose, a strong chin and sensual lips. You're beguiling and very appealing to the artistic eye," he said almost dreamily, tentatively reaching up to tenderly turn my face into the dull winter light. I wet my lips while heat crept up my neck to my face. An admiring smile tugged at his mouth. A tsunami of desire swept over me. "And you blush when complimented. It's amazing that a young man as handsome as you still clings to some modesty. I'd think your ego would be nearly as large as mine with all the swains tossing themselves at you constantly."

"The number of swains in my home town is rather limited," I parried. Cooper cocked a dark eyebrow, his fingers still holding my chin. I allowed him to position me as he wished.

"I'd like to paint you," he announced, his hand now cupping my cheek.

I was momentarily stunned. "That's really flattering," I whispered. "I'd be thrilled to pose for...Wait, don't you only paint animals?"

He raised and lowered his left shoulder, his palm warm on my face. "They are my bread and butter, and I love capturing the wildlife of my home state. But there are times -- few, I'll admit, but times -- when a man will capture my eye."

Oh yes. He was seducing me well. Even as he spoke he was leaning in for a kiss. I closed my eyes in preparation.


V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, belly laughs, anything romantic, dairy goats, Greek mythology, comic books and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, two dogs, two cats and a flock of assorted domestic fowl.

V.L. is a self-published and conventionally published author. Her self-published works are the Gods & Goats trilogy, a romantic comedy series revolving around Greek gods, rural lifestyles, and a widowed goatherder. I know, but it works, trust me.

She is a proud Torquere Press author and her short story Two Guys Walk into an Apocalypse was included in the anthology He Loves Me For My Brainssssss. She also has several books contracted with Torquere for release in 2013, including her Two Guys zom-rom-com books, the Greek mythology romance Love of the Hunter, a short story in the Outserve Charity Sip Blitz, and the hockey novella Goaltender`s Penalty. An Erie Halloween, a novella about shapeshifters, rounds out her M/M backlist. 2014 will bring more romances about shifters, hockey players, and whatever else tickles her muse.

Next year her To Love a Wildcat sports romance series will be published by Secret Cravings Publishing. So far five books starring the hot men of the Philadelphia Wildcats professional ice hockey team, and their spunky leading ladies, have been contracted. The first novel in the series, Pink Pucks & Power Plays, is tentatively due for release in January, 2014.

When not writing romantic tales, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads.

I love to meet new friends and fans! You can find me at-


Yours in love, laughter, and mistletoe kisses,

V.L. Locey


morgan said...

What an adorable cover and I love Christmas tales. :)

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you, Morgan. I love Chrismtas tales too!

Jillian said...

love it. Great story idea and excerpt. Good luck with mega sales!

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks Jillian! =)