Sunday, December 1, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Cover Reveal!

Ho-ho-ho! The first of December is here, and as promised, so is the cover for my upcoming M/M romantic-comedy novella, All I Want for Christmas! This is the first story in The Toms & Tabbies series. Each novella in the series will be self-contained, and they will also have the common theme of the characters interactions and relationships with their cats.

All I Want for Christmas will be released on December 18th by Torquere Press. Here`s a blurb as well as a wee excerpt.


Alex Dawson never intended to spend Christmas in the snowbound log cabin of handsome wildlife artist, Cooper Reynolds. See, it all started when Alexander`s cat, Mister Tibbets, did a bit of online holiday shopping . . .



It was close to nine when my key slid into the lock on my apartment door. I cracked the door slightly, then slithered inside. Closing the door with my ass, I squinted into the semi-darkness of my tiny little flat.

"Tibbets," I called in that universal cat-calling style. "Oh Mr. Tibbets, Daddy's home with nom-nom for you," I added in a sing-song voice. I took a step. Something squished under my shoe. I paused, squeezing my eyes tightly shut. "Shit," I sighed. And yes, it was. I knew he'd be mad. Leaning on the wall I removed the fouled loafer and tip-toed forward as if I were crossing a field riddled with land mines. Locating the lamp on the end table, I flooded the living room with illumination. Then wished I hadn't.

There, spread out across my sofa on his back in a death pose, was Mr. Tibbets. All fifteen pounds of ugly-ass, gray cat. His crooked tail hung off the side of the couch. His shredded ear was droopy, as was his good ear. A weak sort of dying noise escaped the poor, starving feline.

"Tibbets, why did you shit on the floor?" I demanded. He opened one yellow eye slowly, as if he were barely clinging to life. A weak meow escaped him. "Oh, spare me the theatrics! I know you shit there on purpose!"


I hope you enjoyed your peek at my next upcoming release. Thank you all so much for your continued support. *hugs*

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