Thursday, November 14, 2013

What`s New With Liz Brooks

I`m thrilled to welcome back the lovely, witty, and talented Liz Brooks to my blog. Liz is dropping in to chat about her new release, character development, and also to share an excerpt! Take it away, Liz!


Character Development

Believable characters hinge, in my opinion, on their authors' understanding. As an author, you don't need to reveal everything you know about a character in the course of a story, but you do need some information, yourself, to help you understand how they see the world and why they make the choices they do.

In my new release, Foxfur, Cheng often recalls his teacher when he's feeling off-balance. Despite having been very strict, she remains his role model and touchstone of proper behavior, and whenever Cheng is feeling uncertain, he reaches for her memory, scolding himself in her name and striving to behave as she would have wished.

Jin, on the other hand, remembers his mentor fondly, but is most affected by his memories of the family he lost when he was a boy. The pain of his futile attempts to regain his family has shaped him into a man who is reluctant to share himself with others despite his desperate desire to belong.

Find out more in my new release, Foxfur, available from Torquere Press ( now!


Pleasure-slave Cheng takes no particular note of the red-haired woman when she purchases his services. But the morning after her departure, Cheng is taken into custody by the Emperor's own guards and brought before one of the rare and terrifying Chained Mages. Already frightened and confused, things go from bad to worse for Cheng when the mage reveals the demonic nature of the red-haired woman. Now not only Cheng's life, but the lives of everyone around him, depend on their finding the fox-demon as soon as possible.

As a Chained Mage, Jin is at best feared, and at worst, despised. But he can't allow his personal feelings to interfere with his mission, not even when his admiration for the slave deepens. In fact, Jin's love may result in a disaster. The fox-demon has placed a spell in Cheng, a spell designed to turn his sexual energy to a murderous ends, endangering himself and everyone around him. And worst of all, they're not the only hunters on the fox-demon's trail!

Masquerading by day as an uptight corporate cog, Elizabeth spends her nights concocting gleefully smutty stories. She writes erotic romances for a wide span of worlds, genres, and orientations, and is also a senior editor for Torquere Press. When she's not writing or editing, she loves a wide range of generally nerdy hobbies, including reading, photography, tabletop games, geeky yarncraft, and silly smartphone games. You can find her online at or on Facebook at

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