Monday, November 25, 2013

Best of Tuesday Tales

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

This week the writers of Tuesday Tales are digging into their archives of past Tuesday Tales posts. We hope you enjoy rereading some of our favorite excerpts while we spend time with our families and friends. We`ll be back next week with new snippets from our current works-in-progress. So those of you who are waiting for more from Zeke and Clayton won`t have too long to wait.

December is just around the corner, and let me tell you there are some fun things coming your way! They`ll be some book giveaways, holiday blog hops, and a new release from yours truly! I`ll be revealing the adorable cover for All I Want for Christmas on Sunday, December 1st right here on my blog.

I thought it would be fitting to use an excerpt from my M/M holiday novella, All I Want for Christmas, as my 'Best Of' post for November. Much of the inspiration for this novella came from a Tuesday Tales picture prompt. The word for the week had been 'Spider'. This excerpt had not been edited and probably contains some errors. I do ask you to overlook those if you come across them.

I hope you enjoy touching base with Alex and Cooper once more.


“Your pants are soaked. Give them here and I`ll toss them in the dryer,” Cooper said just the way my mother used to when I was a boy. I turned and peeled them off. “The shirt too,” he added stepping up behind me. I handed over the sodden Wranglers then tugged the fleece over my head. “I`m not trying to pry, but is that a spider on your ass?”

This is why a man should not let his mother buy him underwear. I threw my chin up and defied him to say another word. “Yes, it is. These are my lucky Spider-Man boxers. Now if you could stop gawking at my ass, some clothes would be appreciated.”

The man clamped his mouth shut then walked off chuckling. There was a second where I debated about defending Spidey but I said bugger that as well. Instead of arguing for web slingers on your underwear I removed a mug from the dishwasher, my goal a fresh cup of hot java to ease the pink in my cheeks. Both sets.

“Here you go, your own clothes.” Cooper held my Darth Stewie sleepers and Toby Keith concert tee. I thanked him, placed my full mug to the island then slid my cold legs into the well-worn pajama bottoms.

I turned around to find Cooper enjoying my shirtless state. He took his time meeting my eyes. When he did a slow burn was taking place in his gaze.

“Where did you get this?” he asked, stepping close then running his finger over the scar across my right pectoral. The skin quivered. My nipple puckered tightly as he traced the line of pink flesh enticingly close to the sensitive nub.

“Skating accident,” I squeaked. He knew his touch was affecting me; I could tell by the way the corner of his goatee would twitch in amusement. He stopped, fingertip resting just below puckered nipple.

“I`m sorry, did you say ‘skating accident?’” he asked. I bobbed my head and used his shock to put some distance between him and I. I threw a leg over a stool nonchalantly, then pulled Toby on. Toby would protect me from Cooper`s powers of seduction. “Did someone skate over you as you lay shirtless and unconscious on the frozen pond?”

“No, Senor Sarcasm.” I said and then took a loud slurp of my coffee. Coop snorted then sat down beside me, his mug of sugared black cradled between his skilled hands. “It`s a long story that you would find boring.”

“Oh, I beg to differ,” the snide bastard countered with a wry sideways glimpse. “I`m beginning to think nothing about you is boring or mundane.”


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For those who celebrate, have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Perfect choice! I haven't seen this one, so I was glad I got a chance to read it.
Trisha Faye

V.L. Locey said...

It does fit the upcoming holiday well! Thanks for stopping by Trisha!