Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday Tales - Glass

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales again. This week I`ll be sharing an excerpt from my new adult WIP (Work In Progress) Love of the Hunter, an M/M mythological romance.

In today`s excerpt-Apollo and Orion have become lovers. Several months have passed. Artemis returns to visit her brother and is thrilled to see that he is so happy.  Apollo takes his twin to meet the man that has captured his heart. Artemis acts strangely and then runs off when she sees the two young men kissing.

 This week our word prompt is ‘Glass’. Since this is a rough draft there may be some mistakes. I do apologize for any boo-boo you may find.

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“Let me examine your eyes,” I instruct. He leans in to taste my lips. I hear my sister inhale sharply. I turn just as she bolts from the cave.

“Did I offend, Apollo? I wished to make her comfortable,” Orion says, his hands moving about blindly.

I slide from my knees to my ass, my fingers on his face but my sight on the cave opening. “Nay, my love, ’twas not you that offended,” I say, swiveling my attention from the hasty departure of my sister to my love. “She was just surprised. Let me see under your lids.” He opens his eyes. I lean closer and tip my head side to side. “Orion, I begin to see color!”

His face splits in a wide grin. He throws his arms round my neck. I squeeze him heartily then draw back to claim his mouth. The rasp of his tongue over mine, the smell of him, the feel of his body flush to mine makes my blood bubble like a pot on the fire. If not for Artemis I would take him now. I break the kiss, wishing I had a looking glass of polished bronze so my love could see how well he heals.

“Soon I shall join you in hunting!” he announces. I kiss the end of his nose.

“I hope to hunt with you and my sister daily,” I tell him. “I must go see where she went.”

“Aye, you should. She left so quickly. Tell her my heart beats true for her brother.” He pushes me from him.

I turn to walk to the flap, and then I stop to look back at him. “My heart beats true for you as well,” I announce then duck outside.

Kedalion points to the rise behind the cave. I thank him and begin climbing. I crest a knoll that looks down over a valley that the Okeanos cuts through like a serpent. She is not difficult to locate: A blond goddess in a grimy chiton with an apple wood bow nearly as tall as she is. I walk through grasses and flowers that tickle my bare thighs beneath my chiton. When I am beside her, I cross my arms over my chest just as she has and study the rumbling, riotous river below.

“Orion thinks he offended you,” I open with. She tenses even more. Her jaw is so tight I fear she may snap teeth. “Artemis, I am sorry for not being totally forthcoming with you. I wished to sit you down, feed you, and then explain who it was that had captured my heart.”

“You are so stupid!” she shouts, spinning sideways then pushing me back with two powerful shoves to my chest. I glower at her. “You shall never come home if you don’t stop this!”

“Stop what?” I demand to know, hands rolled into fists at my side.

She throws a hand in the direction of the cave. “Stop bedding men!”

“I cannot just stop!” I yell. “I do not wish to stop! I love him, Artemis! I thought you were pleased about the fact that I was happy once more!”

“I was!” she huffs, great grey clouds beginning to blow in over us. “I was happy because I thought you would come home to me! But you are still an ignorant, greedy swine! You know father will make you languish here forever, but you refuse to stop doing what he dislikes! Why do you not think of me, or of mother? How dare you fall in love with Orion? How dare you?” she bellows and slaps me.

The clouds open up. Rain comes down in torrents. Water coursing down my face, I watch my sister run off yet again. This time I have no plans to chase her down.

Copyright 2013 ©by V.L. Locey


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SherryGLoag said...

She forces him to make hard choices, I hope he follows his heart.

V.L. Locey said...

Even the life of a god is filled with terrible choices. I suspect Apollo will do what his heart tells him to do. Thanks for dropping in, Sherry!

Iris B said...

I'm getting the hang of you greek M/M story ....

V.L. Locey said...

I`m glad to hear that, Iris! Apollo`s voice is quite different from my other work.

Jean Joachim said...

Such powerful emotion, love with Orion and a different kind of love with his sister. The prejudice against gay lifestyle is so hard to combat,yet it makes no sense. Love this story.

Jillian said...

Love it. Clever use of the word glass. I love an old fashioned looking glass. Great continuing of the story.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you for visiting Jillian and Jean!

Yes, there are some very different kinds of love spiraling around in this story. Apollo may not be the only child of Leto with feelings for Orion.

Sarah said...

Love should be the priority, and I hope he does make the right choice.

V.L. Locey said...

I agree totally, Sarah. Love should be the priority.

Lindsay said...

Lots of emotion in this scene not to mention love.

V.L. Locey said...

Very true, Lindsay! Thanks for coming by. =)

Cathy Greenfeder said...

This is very moving. He's torn between what his heart tells him to do and what his sister and father want, similar to what many face who are pressured to go against their nature and heart in order to conform in society. However, it seems that he has chosen his heart. Bravo! I love your use of myths.

V.L. Locey said...

It is a very difficult path to walk when one is pressured to be what others wish them to be. Thanks for stopping by Cathy!

Tricia Andersen said...

Your images and emotion is so beautiful. I love your characters and I love this story!

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you so much, Tricia!

Anonymous said...

Ah, some things never change through the thousands of years. Written as a myth with gods and goddesses, yet the emotions and prejudices are the same that fill our world today.
Excellent scene! I loved the emotions and the dilemmas invoked.
Trisha Faye

V.L. Locey said...

Very true, Trisha, very true.

S.E said...

Good ending to the scene, having it rain.

Davee said...

beautiful, descriptive imagery as usual. :)

triciaandersen said...

Very beautiful. The emotions are so strong and the images are incredible. I love reading this one!