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Outserve Charity Blog Hop & Free Book Giveaway Begins Tomorrow!

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People are always asking authors “Where do you come up with your ideas?”

Sometimes the creative process is a random shot between the eyes with a two-by-four from your muse. Other times, a song, picture, word, or smell can send an active imagination into overdrive.  For this year`s Charity Sip Blitz, the inspiration was far less painful than timber to the skull. As soon as I saw the call for submissions for Torquere Press, I knew where my submission would take place. The title ‘Every Sunday at One’ also jumped out immediately.

For well over a year, my daughter and I have been volunteering at a local charity that packages goodies for our troops. My daughter, who is a high school senior this year, did her forty hours of community service for with this local charity. I have donated copies of my self-published books, and have helped with a wildly successful chicken & biscuit dinner to raise funds for this wonderful organization. We give our time as often as possible and encourage others to do the same. To find how you can help our troops, check online. This is just one site that has a wonderful list of volunteer opportunities.

I was honored to have my short story chosen for this anthology. It is my sincere hope that we here at Torquere Press can raise a substantial amount of money for Outserve SLDN. OS-SLDN is dedicated to bringing full LGBT equality to America's military and ending all forms of discrimination and harassment of military personnel on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.  

 I hope you`ll join us by grabbing your copy of this year`s Charity Sip Blitz. All authors involved donate all royalties from the sale of this anthology with Torquere Press matching 100%. It`s a wonderful way to help a very worthy organization while getting some great reads.

Here`s a small excerpt from my story ‘Every Sunday at One’—


Okay, this was the day I was going to do it. I was going to get my balls out of my purse . . . uhm, wallet, and go over and talk to him. No more sitting around making moon eyes at him. No more dreaming of touching those high cheek bones and that pouty bottom lip. No more fantasizing about staring into his arboreal green eyes or running my palms over the neat, black, military hair. 

Yep. As soon as I got the razor to fit into the empty plastic peanut butter jar we used for shipping, I was going to be the man that my mother gave birth to and saunter over to PFC Andrew Fraser and shake his hand and thank him, yet again, for giving more than most could ever imagine.

I planned to do all of this just as soon as I could stop gawking like a 'tween. I glanced up from my jar with the tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Those emerald eyes were on me. A flash of pink ran up my cheeks and I quickly returned to my packing duty. 

Funny how I came to this little basement shop under Carol's Candles & Crafts to volunteer, helping to pack goodies for our men and women overseas. I hadn't thought much about their sacrifices until a cousin of mine enlisted right out of high school. That jarred me from my complacency in a hurry, let me tell you. Instead of spending Sunday afternoon lying on my couch watching football, I was now here, with ten other volunteers, wrapping up care packages for our troops.

Who knew that one of our little goodie boxes would reach the handsome Purple Heart recipient Andrew Fraser as he recuperated from a near-death encounter with an IED on some sandy stretch of desert? Not me. I hadn't even known the man, yet he had come from my hometown in northwest Pennsylvania. Different high schools, same graduating class, both of us were twenty-four but Andrew had served and lost a leg in those six years. 

What the hell had I done? I had gotten a job and beaten my buddies in several MMOs. Yeah, big stuff, huh? Well, at least I felt like I'd seen the light. Let it never be said that Carter Preston was incurably stupid. Painfully slow perhaps, but not incurably stupid. It only took me six years to see what Andrew had known in high school. The real heroes are those who give all they have to give, not the ones you find in a video game.


Anyone who comments and leaves their contact information will be entered in a drawing to win a free PDF copy of any of my Torquere Press books! On Sunday, September 22 at 8 PM Eastern, I`ll enter all the names into the mystical and always magical Random Thing Picker. Readers can choose from the following-

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Every Sunday at One

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