Thursday, August 1, 2013

We`ve Been Hopping!

And we`re not toads!

If there is one aspect of having farm animals, it`s that they keep you busy. There seem to be spurts of down time – when all the hoof trimming, shots, worming, and various other things – are done and you think you can relax.

Nope! That`s when things go off the track leading to Relaxation Station.

The past week my critters have been in all sorts of mischief, trouble, and plain old predicaments.

First my three goslings – No, none are named Ryan – decided it was the week to begin acting like the teenagers they are.

 They busted out of their coop when I went in with water before bedtime. That meant I had to chase them around to herd them back in for a safe nights sleep. They`ve been seen pinching Andre, our broad-breasted bronze turkey. The chickens have informed me that some very serious goose chest shoving has been occurring while everyone is having a nice snack of whole kernel corn in the afternoon. I gave them a firm talking to accompanied by a finger wagging, so we`ll see what happens with the hooligans.

Then my black Lab Trinity somehow got stung on the left ear. 

The poor dog’s ear is a good two inches thick. We`ve been giving her Benadryl as the vet said for a few days, and finally today I`m noticing that the swelling is going down. I don`t know what stung her, but it must be something she is highly allergic to.

Yesterday one of our milking does *cough* Bethany *cough* managed to find a way out of the fence. 

How she did this Mister and I cannot figure out. We can find no hole anywhere big enough for a full-grown Nubian to wriggle through, but the little devil surely did make a bid for freedom. Of course that also resulted in a fine chase with blue language from Mister to rival mine when I was herding wayward goslings.

Finally, to top off the critter shenanigans, the same night Mister and I are getting ready to go to the movies, my breeding buck, Perseus, decides to snap off a horn scur. 

For those who don`t know what a horn scur is it`s when during the disbudding of a goat kid, you don`t get all the horn area burned well enough to kill the growth. Bucks are especially horny – pun intended – and we always seem to have some creep up on our bucks.

This accident occurred roughly one hour before the new Wolverine movie began. We certainly couldn`t leave the thing hanging down in his face, attached by a small strip of flesh. So, we wrestle the poor dude into a corner, remove the scur, slather the bloody area with tar to keep the rassafrassin` flies off it, and then come inside to shower, yet again, to remove the lovely odor of a breeding buck in late July. I dare say the people in the theater appreciated our cleanliness.

To be fair, the dog and the buck weren`t being contrary . . . the goslings and Bethany though, now they were being rather bad! Seems the only group that hasn`t been in some sort of predicament the past week has been the cats.

*Glances at Lucius and Lu-Lu in wary expectation*


Cathy Brockman said...

sounds like a busy day I love hearign about the animals!

V.L. Locey said...

They do keep a person busy! Thanks for commenting, Catniss. =)