Thursday, July 11, 2013

What`s On Your Shelf?

Hey there gang, let me put a fresh pot on!

You know, there is nothing I like discussing more than books.

Okay, hot Swedish goalies are up there.

Fine. Comic book heroes can be included as well.

Okay! And sexy zombie hunters too! Sheesh!

Aside from those things, I do love to chat about books. A couple weeks ago I said I`d share my keeper bookshelf. These are the books that never get traded in at my beloved Indie bookstore. These books are loaned out, but only to people who I know will return them in the condition they left in, and who are willing to sign over their first-born as collateral in case of book damage.

As you can see I don`t have a huge wall of books. Not that I wouldn`t love to, but living in a single-wide trailer, space is at a premium. Mister built me these shelves and I just adore them! Down below the books are the table-toppers for my own books. Pretty snazzy, huh?

So, let`s see what we have. We`ll start with the YA section, and see if there are any surprises. 

Nope, nary a shock in the bunch! My Greek god guru and idol Rick Riordan`s books are here, never to be given away, as well as the Hunger Games. I just adore Percy Jackson! I know that you all are quite aware of my love for all things Greek by now. Of course The Hunger Games are also staying right there on the shelf. That trilogy was one of the most powerful set of YA books I had ever read.

Okay, so moving from YA we step into the good stuff. Oh yeah, the grown-up, spicy hot section. *winks naughtily*

Yep, those there are my oft-read and many times drooled upon Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Over the years I have read many a paranormal romance, but no one does Para-Rom like The Warden. What`s that? There are two copies of Lover Unleashed? Well, yes there is. One is the reading copy; the other is personalized by the great one, J. R. Ward, herself. The personalized one is never to be read. It is only to be taken down on high holy days, opened carefully, and then placed back after a loving glance at the autograph.

Once we move past the Brothers (pauses to blow kisses at Vishous) we find my favorite historical romances of all time, the Outlander series. You will note that three of the books aren`t on the shelf. One is being read by a trusted friend, the other is sitting on a pile to be given to that trusted friend, and the last book in the series is waiting in my TBR pile. I have vowed to read An Echo in the Bone before the newest book in the series comes out next spring. I can almost smell the heather and the warm scent of Jamie Fraser as I think about stepping back into history and moving through the stones.

Le sigh.

So, those are my special books. What are the books that you own that you hang onto passionately? 


Charlotte Crawley said...

Well we read very different books, but both of us are very passionate about reading and books. My favorite are Thomas Hardy's Judd the Obscure and all his others. I love Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I also have all of John Grisham's books and all of David McCullough's historical books-Truman.

V.L. Locey said...

Yes, we do seem to read different books, Charlotte. I must admit I`ve never read one of John Grisham`s books. Perhaps it`s time to change that!

Thanks for commenting!

Rose said...

The Outlander series is totally on my "never get rid of" bookshelf! You just reminded me that it is time to start rereading the series to prep for the next book.

V.L. Locey said...

Ah, those Outlander books seem to be on quite a few bookshelves.

Thanks for stopping in, Rose!

Anonymous said...

My Karen Marie Moning Highlander & Fever series (all signed), J R Ward's books (signed BDB), Lynn Viehl Darken series, Linda Howard MacKenzie Mtn series, Mary Strwart Merlin & Arthur series, some Kenyon , some Shelly Laureston, and a few stranglers books

V.L. Locey said...

Wow, Anonymous, you have a great library of signed books! How super.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Cathy Brockman said...

I love Rick Riordin also. Yay Percy!
My library is super different and mostly paranormal. Laurell k Hamilton, patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison dominate along with Charlian Harrison.

V.L. Locey said...

Yippee, a Percy fan!

Thanks for stopping by, Catniss!