Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hockey? What`s Up With That?

My sister-in-law recently asked me this as we were returning from a family wedding. So, I`ll try to explain how not only a love of the game, but an entire sports romance series was born!

For many years, we were not a sporting family. Mister Yodeling wasn`t into any kind of professional sports, nor was Miss. I grew up with a rabid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so sports was part of my DNA, I suppose. You didn`t dare speak ill of Terry Bradshaw lest the wrath of the gods descended upon you and your firstborn child. No kidding, I think my mother hexed those who did not cheer the Steelers.

So, while I grew up watching sports, it was generally because someone else was the fan. When I married Mister, he didn`t do sports, and so it slid into the background of my life. I raised my daughter, fell in love with writing, did the goatherder thang, and enjoyed things as they were. Then a call for submissions from my publisher caught my eye. It was for an anthology about sports. It intrigued me to say the least.

A couple weeks later, I was having lunch with two local authors and dear friends, when one of them mentioned something about a fight among some hockey players that rumbled out into the parking lot after the game. Viola! Just like that the idea for Goaltender`s Penalty leaped into my head.

Now, though, I had to not only write the story, but I also had to begin watching hockey to familiarize myself with the game. I did find a willing hockey guru who reads all my ice hockey work before it even goes to the editor to help catch errors that a novice like me might make. (Thank you, Lola, for that and so much more.)

So, with the storyline for this M/M sports romance perking along, I sat down one night, poked around, and found a hockey game on. Calling it research - which it was at the time - Mister didn`t give me too much grief and sat down to watch.

A rather fascinating thing began to happen. We both started to enjoy the game more than we thought we would. As the M/M hockey story began to take shape, I began to watch more and more hockey. Mister as well found himself glued to the screen, as well as Miss! Within a few weeks, the whole family had fallen in love with the NHL! 

While we might cheer different teams – Miss and I love the New York Rangers and Mister cheers the Boston Bruins – we gather every time there is a game on, as a family, to shout encouragement to our teams.

So, I got Goaltender`s Penalty done and submitted it for the anthology. The end of regulation hockey was winding down. I still wanted to write more romance with hockey players though. So, taking off like a slap shot streaking down the ice, came the birth of my To Love a Wildcat sports romance series. I am so proud of these M/F hockey romances!

Each book centers on a leading lady who is not the typical cookie-cutter romance heroine-

In Pink Pucks & Power Plays we meet Viviana Land, a curvy and proud of it reporter, and Alain Lessard, star defenseman for the `Cats.

A Most Unlikely Countess tells the Cinderella story of Liz Argon, a slim young woman hiding behind the darkness of a Goth exterior whose sweet nature captures the heart of ‘The Count of the Crease’.

The star of O Captain! My Captain! is Maggie Charles, a forty something mother of a troublesome teen that finds love with Derrick Andersson, the aging Wildcats captain.

The fourth novel, which is as of yet untitled, will give us a romance between the Wildcats owner, Isabelle Lancourt, and the team coach, Philip Moore, both of whom are in their fifties.

And the fifth book`s details are being worked out, but the leading lady will be the hearing impaired daughter of the `Cats owner. 

It is entirely possible that a sixth book may be written! There are a lot of players on a hockey team after all. I submitted Pink Pucks to a publisher a few weeks ago, so now the waiting game begins. But don`t fear, if they pass on publishing it, I will simply self-publish the series.

I`m tickled pink that my first hockey story Goaltender`s Penalty has been chosen to be part of the Scoring anthology, being released by Torquere Press on 8/28/13. It will also be available as a standalone novella which is quite exciting as well!

So, now we know where, how, and why the love of hockey began. I`ve dished some good gossip on how my M/M and M/F sport romances came into being. Now we just have to figure out how to time travel to October so I can watch my Rangers hitting the ice with Hank in goal!

Anyone have a bead on where I can find a flux capacitor on sale cheap?


Cathy Brockman said...

Ilove this! great insigh and i cant wia for the books or anthology good luck!

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks, Cat! And thanks for tossing out such great blogging ideas. =)