Thursday, June 13, 2013

Misty Harvey Pays a Visit!

Howdy gang! Today I`m thrilled to have a lovely author stopping in to visit. It`s all yours, Misty!


Left open to my own devices for this blog I took time to come up with a creative, yet entertaining way to promote my new release, Soul Reaper. After careful consideration I thought why not interview the Hubby Man.

Did he write the book? Well no, but he has stuck by my side through all my crazy writer stages. Besides it’ll be fun to see what those around us go through when we decide to write a novel. So let’s begin.

Okay, Hubby Man, how did you know I was getting ready to start Soul Reaper?

That is an easy enough place to begin. I came home from work one day and the couch sat in the middle of the floor. All the picture frames had been removed off the exposed wall, there were note cards everywhere, and your cat was tangled up in the yarn.

Does it annoy you when I use the wall to map out books?

Nah, I love rearranging the house, said no man ever. The note cards on the wall are comparable to the ex-cop in the movies that gets obsessed with that 1 case that got away...hehehe.

You know you do. Now next question. What did you think of the plot when I told you about it?

The plot or you?


The story intrigued me, but it had major holes, and gaps. There would be plenty of places to improve it. To which I did the nice thing and pointed them out to you. You know always helping you improve, Baby. *Just a side note for all you significant others, unless you like sleeping on the couch, Do Not do that unless specifically asked*. As for you? You are one twisted and crazy person.

Haha, I’m not that bad.


What was it like living with me while I wrote Soul Reaper?

Seriously? Do I have to answer this?


Ever tried to take a game system from your kid? Yeah, it was like that, but with the added bonus of camping. A lot. On the couch.

How about the editing stages? Anything in particular you remember?

A lot of tears.

Yes, I got seriously frustrated and cried tons.

No, mine. The couch isn’t so comfortable and especially not when your cat has a mind to fluff my kidneys all night. One day I’ll learn not to open my mouth.

Aw, he loves you.

Sure, that is what it means. I just love you so much, let me give you acupuncture all night.

What did you think of the final version of Soul Reaper?

Best book I ever read *gives a cheesy grin*. No really, you’ll have to read it for yourself. It is creepy, and the twists keep you on edge.

Anything else you’d like to include?

Please don’t make me sleep on the couch. I didn’t include your random acts of charades when you can’t think of a word and want me to help you, or the fact you pull weird faces when you are really invested in a piece you are writing.

Yeah. Thanks for not including those *rolls eyes*.

I know, I’m sleeping on the couch. Before I gather my bedding out of the room, one last thing, it really is a good book. Check it out.

Here is one of our favorite excerpts.

Eva found the medical section and went over their files. They all talked about the same things. The same problems led them to where they were. They would hear voices – see things that nobody else saw – and eventually it would drive them mad. Eva shivered at the thought. She experienced every one of those things. Her thoughts turned back to her father. Like each of these victims, nobody believed Eva either. Would her father eventually have her exorcised or committed?

The thought terrified her. At least now, she could try to get away, if she were committed there would be no hope. Her blood ran cold. It would be lights out Eva. She heard a tapping on wood behind her. Eva spun around leaving the microfilm machine on. She followed the tapping noise.

Her body froze on one end of bookshelves. There on the other was the ghost boy. Eva couldn’t believe she was seeing him. This wasn’t her house. Now he’d taken to following her around? The fear he’d instilled in her at home wasn’t enough?

“Did you find what you were looking for?” the voice came out of nowhere and everywhere. The odd thing being the boy’s lips never moved. He just kept tapping on the end of the bookshelf.

“Go away,” Eva screamed, “you won’t get me too.” Her hands fisted at her sides.

“You’re already weakening,” the voice came again. Richard’s arms stretched in front of him. The microfilms began unraveling onto the ground. Entire rolls flew off the shelves.

Eva ducked as a large film roll that nearly hit her head. She snatched up her book bag. Her feet slid on the film. It tangled around her feet, threatening to pull her back to the boy.

“Help,” Eva screamed. She prayed this time to be caught. Her hands clawed at the wood stairs. She peered back seeing the boy standing behind her. It fueled Eva to fight harder. For each step she made it up, she was drug back down two of them. Her adrenaline pumped.

“Join us, Eva. We have been waiting so long for someone like you.” A voice came from her right ear. There peering between the steps were red eyes. The ears were mere scars on the sides of his head. Twisted lumps of flesh among all that gray skin. He reached from between the stairs to grab her.
Eva released the stair just as his ice-cold hand brushed hers. She fell onto the stone floor with a thump. It caused the air to rush out of her lungs.

“You’re already halfway there, Eva. It would be so easy to just let go.” A girl was slithering over the stone toward her. Scars lined her face. Her legs were nothing more than dead weight. The white of her nightgown caught on rough edge of the stone.

“Come with us,” they all chanted.

The boy stepped forward this time. She felt their hands grabbing a hold of her arms.
Richard pinned her legs. “It is time.” His eyes slid into black abyss. Fire burned within the depths of them. Eva felt her own body growing colder. The closer the boy drew to her, the colder it got. She sucked in a deep breath. The air smelled of decayed corpses, sulfur, and death.

Come take a wild ride with Eva and her friends. One where up is down, down is up. Left is right, and right is left. A ride where nightmares, and reality collide.

The only way to survive…remain sane in a world driven to see you fail.

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I've always felt a certain draw to the night, and the creatures that live there. So writing about these beings has always been easy for me. That isn't to say there isn't always a certain level of mysticism in each experience. I've lived with the characters of my books, heard their tales, experienced their up and downs with them.

Now I share it all with you, my readers. Come join me in a walk in the moonlight. Let us experience a new way of life that occurs after sunset.


Ellie Mack said...

OMG! Love this interview and can't wait to read the book. I typically don't read the scary stuff but this sounds intriguing. My hubs should read this and realize he's not got it so bad - I don't make him sleep on the couch, I sleep on the couch because I don't want to wake him up at 2 or 3 in the morning when I finally go to bed.

V.L. Locey said...

Doesn`t her book sound fantastic?! I can`t wait to read it myself.

Thanks for coming by, Misty!

Cathy Brockman said...

Awesome! I wish My hubby would show evena tiney bit of interest. perhaps if I make him sleep on the couch...

V.L. Locey said...

I`ve never tried the couch routine. I may have to give it a whirl. ;)

Thanks for dropping in Cat!

Lee Heckman said...

This us an amazing book. If it were't for the need to sleep I'd have read it in one sitting. Lived the interview. I think your better half should have a room with a bed in it so he does not have to sleep on a couch wit a cat that uses his kidneys to practice accupunture. LOL.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for dropping in for a visit, Lee!

Author Misty H said...

Thank you everyone so much for the support. Soul Reaper is a psycho thriller/horror. I had a ton of fun writing it last Nano. I'm currently working on a romantic comedy based in the world of Creatures of the Damned.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lee and ellie LOL

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for dropping in to visit, Misty. Maybe I can lure you back when you`re next book is released. =)