Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspirational? Me?

Wow, I didn`t know I was inspirational. I`ve been called many things, but rarely inspirational. Most the things I`m called I can`t repeat. All kidding aside, I am deeply honored to be given this blogging award by Ellie Mack. You can check out her awesome and equally inspiring blog by clicking on this link right here:

Now, the rules are that you display the award. Check. List seven things about yourself. Okey-dokey, here are seven fascinating things about V.L. Locey. (They`re not fascinating at all but if I had written 'Here are seven mundane things about a pudgy goatherder' you`d have nodded off.)


1-Since quitting smoking I chew gum, a lot of gum. The really sad thing about it is that I`m a flavor chewer, so I chew for five minutes then spit the gum out. Gum waster. That`s me.

2-I would be lost without my yearly day minder book. I am not joking. I write down every appointment, every blog I`m scheduled to be on, every promotional thing I must attend to, and even what page each chapter of a WIP begins on. Without this book I would be sitting here blowing spit bubbles, drifting mentally about comic book heroes and hot Swedish goalies.

Speaking of hot Swedish hockey players . . .

3-This is my new crush. His name is delicious. No, it`s not, although he is. This is Henrik ‘The King'Lundqvist on the left, and his twin (Yes, TWIN) Joel, who also plays hockey, on the right roughly ten years ago. 

This is Henrik today--

 Henrik is the goalie for the New York Rangers. Did I need to use an image of Henrik? Probably not. Did I want to just so I could stare, sigh, swoon, and lure other women to this post? Yep.

4-I strongly dislike olives.

5-If I were being fed my last meal before being executed (I don`t know why I`d be executed. Maybe I violated that restraining order Robert Downey Jr. has against me) I`d want a dish of my mother`s halupki (stuffed cabbage rolls) and her lumpy mashed potatoes.

6-I am a cat person. I love my dogs, but I adore my cats.

7-Having rolled past 50 a couple years ago I can say without reservation that I`m happier right now than I have ever been before, with two exceptions. One is the day I married Mister. The second is the day they placed my newborn daughter into my trembling arms.


There, you`re utterly stunned and fascinated, aren`t you? I know, Henrik makes me all googly and sappy as well. The final part of this award is to pick fifteen other bloggers to pass it to. Well, I`m going to weasel out and say that every person who visits me is inspirational in their own way. Please, if you`d like to play along, feel free to do so. I`m heading off to get ready for game one of the Rangers VS the Bruins in the race for the Stanley Cup! *Looks around in confusion*

Now where did I put my Rangers #1 foam finger??

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