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Tuesday Tales - Funny

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales again. This week I`ll be sharing an excerpt from my WIP (Work In Progress) All I Want for Christmas, a holiday themed M/M romantic comedy that was born from a previous picture prompt here on Tuesday Tales. This story is completed and is now in the final round of editing.

This week our word prompt is ‘Funny’. Since this is a rough draft there may be some mistakes. I do apologize for any boo-boo you may find.

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I jogged back into the center, already having decided to do my paperwork tomorrow morning before heading over to my folks place. Gert was filling the sink with soapy hot water for coffee mug and glass washing. She did not believe in putting glasses and mugs into a dishwasher. Spots, you know. I hurried to close the back door then gently nudged her away from the sink.

“Finish getting the dishwasher filled, I`ll do these.” I pulled on some rubber gloves, turned off the steaming hot water, and began scrubbing the mugs. After a few moments I felt her assessment. Glancing from a particularly sugar-crusted mug I found her brown eyes staring holes through me. “What?”

“You plan on telling me what exactly happened during the storm?” she inquired while she lined plates up like Corelle soldiers. I quickly went back to the mug in my hand.

“I already told you what happened,” I countered without raising my voice. You never raise your voice to Gert in her kitchen. She will roll you like one of her delicious meatballs.

“You told me the generic version, the story you told the others, “I caught her straightening up in my peripheral. I kept scrubbing at the hardened sugar on the rim of the mug. “I know you better. You and this painter fellow, something went on between you, didn`t it?”

I inhaled to refute the claim. Her palm in front of my nose silenced me.

“Don`t lie,” she warned, nudging the dishwasher closed with a substantial hip. “Now, tell me what went on with this artist. Don`t think to try to cover up or feed me some funny line because I`ll know.”

“You`re really gifted aren`t you?” I had to ask. Obviously the woman could peer into a man`s eyes and decipher his soul and the secrets within it.

“No, you just can`t lie for shit,” she countered, folding her arms over her large bosom. I thought to try to argue that as well but didn`t. So, I inhaled through my nose and let every detail of my time spent with Cooper bumble out. The woman next to me in a red skirt and festive green and red sweater said nothing until I ran out of story to tell. Then she walked over to the fridge and poured us two paper cups of Egg Nog.

“So he just left you with the tow truck driver?”

“Yeah,” I said, stacking steaming mugs into the dish drainer. “We had just shared this incredible, passionate experience that knocked my world off its axis. Then he went into Jekyll/Hyde mode and called his mechanic. Within half an hour I was driving back home wondering that the hell had just happened.”

“Maybe he was overwhelmed.”

I snorted. “Overwhelmed? You`ve never met Cooper Robinson. I don`t think he is ever out of control or in a situation that he doesn`t have well in hand. No, he just decided I was too emotional for him and his plans to avoid anything that may skirt close to the shores of Lake Commitment.”


“Oh yeah, he was quite clear about his disdain about getting involved with someone. He feels that no one is capable of being faithful over the long term.”

“Sounds to me like the man got his heart ripped out and is terrified of being hurt again. I`m betting that what you two shared scared him to his core, so he panicked and pushed you out the door, literally and figuratively.”

“Hmm, that`s possible I suppose,” I said, deep in thought. “So what do I do about it?” I asked, leaning my hip against the counter. Gert sipped her eggnog and pondered the situation.

“Well as I see it, you don`t have too many options. He`s obviously not emotionally ready for anything other than sex. Knowing you, I don`t think that`s going to satisfy you.”

“It would be very satisfactory for a few sweaty hours, but no, I want more. I want something special with someone special. I was kind of hoping it would be this man. We had such chemistry and the sex . . .” I sighed forlornly then finished my cup of Egg Nog.

“Well, then you either have to lower your standards, which I don`t suggest, or move on.” Gert finished her drink, patted my shoulder, tossed her cup into the trash and went to get her coat. I remained in the kitchen, listening to the whirring hum of the dishwasher and sipping at my holiday drink. “Or you could try calling him and seeing if he`ll meet you somewhere in the middle to talk,” she called in as she passed the doorway.

“I don`t know, it`s awfully chilly along the state border.”

Copyright ©by V.L. Locey


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Alex and Cooper a little. To find out if these two have a happy-ever-after you`ll have to grab a copy of the All I Want for Christmas when it comes out around the holidays.

Next we`ll have excerpts from my newest WIP, Pink Pucks and Power Plays, an M/F romantic comedy where you`ll meet Viviana Land and Alain Lessard. Viviana is a reporter at a small town paper who finds herself suddenly thrust into the rough and tumble world of ice hockey. Viv, and her unique pee-wee hockey team, meet one tall, dark, and handsome professional defenseman volunteering his time to coach during the summer. Will love blossom amid hockey sticks, merit badges, and penalty boxes?

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Jean Joachim said...

I love this story and am sorry you are ending it here until holiday time. Ugh! Such a long time to wait. I'm looking forward to the next romance, which sounds intriguing. Love your writing.

V.L. Locey said...

Many thanks, Jean. I really enjoyed sharing some snippets from the book with my TT family and followers.

I think folks will like meeting Alain and Viviana, I know I am really enjoying writing their romance!

Sarah said...

Oh, love the analogy of meeting in the middle and it being chilly at the border...great play on words. I wonder if Alex and Cooper do make it over this hurdle...and making us wait is just cruel :)

triciaandersen said...

No!! I jump on here to read about Alex and Cooper. The holidays are eight months to wait. *pout* This really is a great story!

V.L. Locey said...

It does seem like a long time until the holidays. Hopefully the next WIP will entertain as much as Cooper and Alex have!

Fiona Druce said...

Sad face. Alex and Cooper are tons of fun :D

But I have no doubt the next will be awesome, too :) Plus, I happen to love hockey, lol

V.L. Locey said...

Always great to meet another hockey fan, Fiona. I`m a relative newbie to the game but I am certainly excited to be able to pen a few stories about all those handsome men on skates! ;)

Kathleen Ball said...

Ok understand --looking forward to your next one

Davee said...

It's very hard to trust and put your heart out there. You describe the dilemma well.

V.L. Locey said...

It is very hard to put your heart out there. We`ve all been burnt a few times.