Friday, March 22, 2013

I`m Having A Giveaway!

That`s right, every Friday from now until the release of Of Heroes & Hay Bales, I`ll be giving away a free copy of the Smashwords edition of Of Gods & Goats. Winning is easy. Simply be the first person with the correct answer for the question below and you grab the free book! Easy as pie, right? So, dust off that Greek mythology trivia knowledge and play along! Those who enter, make sure you leave your contact information (Such as email or Facebook page link) so I can send you the coupon code for your free book.

Here we go!

In Heroes & Hay Bales, we get to meet another member of Ares` family. This god is the overseer of shepherd and woodlands. He also challenged Apollo to a musical duel. Name the Greek god pictured below.

Good luck!!


Millie said...

I do believe that would be the goat god Pan! I'm good with goat gods. :-)

V.L. Locey said...

You ARE good with goat gods, Millie! I`ll be getting in contact with you shortly. Congratulations!