Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chatting with Samantha Kay

Howdy guys and dolls! I`m very happy to have a fellow Storytime Trysts author stopping by for a visit today. Sam is a bubbly M/M writer that can really write a great tale with lots of spicy bits. And you know I do enjoy the spicy bits! *wink-nudge* I know you`ll enjoy meeting her.

Take it away, Sam!


Hey! Thanks for hosting me today Vicki, it’s much appreciated!

Well, I’ve never done a guest blog post like this, but here goes!

I started writing about a year ago. I had a story in my mind, which I needed to get down onto paper before it devoured my brain, that story was Damaged Goods –one I admit I actually hate! I like the premise of it, but I’m re-writing it because of the poor quality of my writing, which portrays the emotion and difficult storyline very badly!

Anyhow, after Damaged Goods was out of my system, I started on With Regret. I have finished and published Part One, however I am also going back over this to add some more depth to it! I am also working on Part Two of this at the moment, but I’m going to be awkward and re-release With Regret as a full story when Part Two is finished, and it’s all be polished to (near) perfection :-)

I enjoy doing free-reads, such as my current story Forbidden Crush which is posted on Storytime Trysts and Nifty –oh don’t get me started on how AWESOME Nifty is!! Nifty is what encouraged me to start writing in the first place, and was the source of my first group of readers!

Anyway, Forbidden Crush is a short romance story, a m/m love affair! Check it out at Storytime Trysts where there are also other romance stories by a bunch of great writers!

Well, I think I’ll leave it here, but feel free to check out my blog to find out more and see the progress of my work and what other projects I have going on!



Thanks again Vicki! This has been awesome :-)


Excerpt from ‘Forbidden Crush’

*This excerpt contains adult language and is not suitable for work*

“You ok?” Darren laughed quietly.

Jamie’s eyes darted up to look at Darren, his stomach doing a flip at being caught and his face beginning to burn furiously. A tingling sensation began to creep up the back of his neck. Fuck, did he really just catch me doing that?

”Sorry.” Jamie choked, his voice a husky whisper. “I was just. I wasn’t. I err.”

Darren raised an eyebrow at Jamie, who was staring back wide-eyed.

Jamie quickly stood up, his heart feeling heavy. I just need to kiss you. So. Fucking. Badly.

He darted over to Darren and grabbed his face, before hastily planting his lips to his.

Without hesitation Darren grabbed Jamie’s waist and kissed him back. Gasping as he let his tongue dive through Jamie’s lips.

"I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” Jamie panted, as his hands then clutched at the back of Darren’s neck.

"Me neither,” Darren said lost for breath, his body becoming hot as his arms encased Jamie affectionately.

Darren backed Jamie up against the wall, before letting his hungry mouth wonder down Jamie’s face and into his neck, where he then began to suck and nibble.

"Oh Darren.” Jamie whined, his cock throbbing painfully as a tingling sensation overwhelmed his body. “Why can’t I leave you alone.”


Phew! I wasn`t kidding, was I? Samantha writes some wonderfully steamy M/M romance. Thanks for stopping in Sam, it was a joy having you here!

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