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Undead Thursdays - Guest Blogger - Lynn Townsend

Hello! And welcome back to another edition of Undead Thursdays, a special blog event I`m having every Thursday in January to celebrate the release of the anthology He Loves Me For My Brainssss from Torquere Press that includes my short story Two Guys Walk Into An Apocalypse.

Every Thursday we`ll have guest bloggers that have written zombie tales or articles. We`ll also have a new book review of a zombie book that I really enjoyed amid all the undead love from my fellow scribes! All in all it should be a great time getting to meet new authors and zombie aficionados.

Today I`m pleased to have Lynn Townsend as our guest blogger. Lynn has been published several times, and is one of my fellow authors in the Brainssss anthology. Take it away, Lynn!


A Few Thoughts on Zombies

Zombies consume.

In the end, how they came about, who controls them, if they are nothing more than the over-booked guests of hell... they consume. Brains, flesh, shotgun shells.

Zombies eat.

They have an appetite that cannot be sated. There's no internal feeling in a zombie that tells it "well, that was a tasty brain, but I think I'm done now. Maybe I'll take a nap."

Zombies never stop.

Zombies don't starve to death; ever notice that? Even when there are millions of them, and the survivors are in small bands of twenty or thirty middle-class white Americans locked in shopping malls... the zombie horde doesn't die out. It's out there... just waiting. Chewing on the walls.

A zombie can be anyone.

Your mother. Your son. Your wife. The boss at your old job that you hate. You. No one is immune. No one is safe. And you're not safe, not from yourself, not from them, and not from the people you once loved. And on top of zombie hordes, you now have a lot of other problems. As Americans, especially, we're lacking in a great deal of useful skills. Very few of us know how to raise crops, skin an animal for food, what plants are edible, how to make clothing.

We become parasites.

We live off the decaying corpse of the society we once were. Old canned goods become our staple. You need a new pair of shoes? Drop into the local ruined wal-mart and grab a pair off the shelf. Clean watewon't be a problem for decades, with so few people left in the nation. Bottled water is everywhere.

Everything we wanted so badly becomes useless.

My dad was a nuclear engineer. He worked for decades at a nuclear power station. I asked him one time how long it would take, if the zombie Apocalypse happened, for the reactor to shut itself down. Not melt down, necessarily, but just shut itself down... stop running. "It's not the shutting down that's problematic with a nuclear power station, it's the keeping going..." Zombieland (as much fun as that movie is) and its amusement park that they can just jump start the generators? Not happening.

Zombies are the ultimate monsters.

Because in the end... they are us.


I am fascinated by zombies. I've got a ton of zombie-related paraphernalia; coffee cups, brain-shaped gelatin molds, bumper stickers. I've written two romance stories about zombies, and I'd probably write more if I saw more Submission Calls... My first zombie-themed romance was included in Sommer Marsden's Coming Together: Hungry for Love collection. And I'm pleased as heck that W.O.L. was included in Elizabeth L. Brooks' He Loves me For My Brainsss... The world W.O.L. takes place in has haunted me for several years. I expect we'll see more stories from the Knights of the Red Cross...

For more of my work, please see my Paid By the Weird Blog or my Facebook page...Lynn Townsend

And a final warning: Do not get between a writer and her coffee. Just sayin'.


Thanks so much for dropping in for a chat about the undead, Lynn. Next Thursday Elizabeth Brooks is slated to drop in for a discussion of things undead. See you next week zombie fans!

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