Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Wasn`t It a Hunky God??

Howdy gang! I hope your holiday was filled with cheer, good times, and lots of yummy food.

We certainly had quite the holiday here on the hillside farm. I think we have met our quota for the week. Heck, this round of holiday happenings can last me right through next year as well! I`m trying to come up with a way to title this Christmas and all I can come up with is ‘I should have slept through it!’ or ‘Why wasn`t it a hunky god?’

I`ll go with the god one.

We started off the downhill run when Miss Yodeling came dashing out of her room on Christmas Eve morning, looking rather green around the gills. Into the bathroom she flew minus a miniature sleigh. Seems that the stomach bug her boyfriend had a few days previous had settled in her tiny tummy. My mother always used to say that if it`s a holiday or vacation expect sick kids. She was right as always.

Right, so we get the young lady settled with dry toast and warm Pepsi on the couch. As the day progresses she feels slightly better. Evening rolls around. I leap onto my laptop to check email and wish friends and family a Merry Merry after dinner. Waiting for me in my inbox is a PDF final version of the zombie anthology! I grab a fresh cuppa and go through the story one last time. Excitement  bubbling through me I skip through Facebook, sprinkle some good wishes and turn off my laptop. Weird thing is that my laptop won`t turn off. After a minute I get that lovely blue screen telling me that Windows has a wild hair up its rump. It didn`t say that exactly but it meant it.

Cool. So a sick kid and dead laptop. Okay, I can handle this. I`ll just call my computer guy on Wednesday and use Miss Yodeling`s laptop until mine comes back. I won`t have access to my vast store of images but my writing is on a flashdrive so I can at least whittle. It`s nothing a tough farm woman can`t deal with. You guys can look at this pretty daisy from Miss Yodeling`s image files instead of something humorous from mine. Also, the font and size of this post will be different since her laptop and Blogger don`t play well together.

Christmas Day dawns bright and chilly. Miss is now feeling nearly one hundred percent. I`m a wee bit sad about my laptop as I have visions running around my head but they`re not of sugar plums, they`re a bit racier than treats but just as sweet she typed naughtily. We open our presents and have our holiday meal. Miss gets enough gumption to do her wash. I turn on the taps to fill the sink to begin doing the mounds of dishes and no hot water comes forth from the spigot. I tell my child to turn off the washer. After ten minutes of running water to pull the hot to the kitchen Mister throws me a ‘Are you kidding me?’ look and heads back to check the water heater.

As suspected it is not working. Also, the holding tank is leaking. Fun times lay ahead for the yodeling goatherder now! We trudge out to the hydrant in the yard and get enough water to boil for dishes. Showers are on hold until my trusty BIL can get here today and start working on the water heater until Mister gets home from work to help him. My hubby HAD to show up today or he wouldn`t have gotten paid for the two holidays.

So, here we are. It`s the day after Christmas. I sure hope those three bad events are it for awhile. Oddly enough despite all the bad luck we`ve had here over the past two days, we`ve had some fun moments as well. We`ve laughed together, shared a meal with my Pops and beloved mother-in-law, and got to play with our presents.  I`m choosing to focus on the good things instead of the bad if at all possible, or at least try! At the very least I got a blog post that I`m sure many can relate to on some level. And if you can`t relate then you can sit back and thank the aligned planets for not dropping their cosmic do-do on your head.


Personally if something from the heavens is going to fall on my head, I`d pick a burly Greek god of war, you know what I mean? *wink-nudge*


Michele Stefanides said...

Oh my, I feel your pain. We have had our share of "cosmic doo-doo" on the holidays in years past. I hope today turns the tide for you!

TexWisGirl said...

ooh. sorry for the illness in the house AND the sick laptop, too!

Jim said...

Any time would be a pain for all this to happen....but Christmas?! Vicki, you seem to have gotten your head around these though. Good luck with the water heater!
Thanks for dropping by today and Happy Holidays!!