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Tuesday Tales - Future

Welcome back! This week we`ll continue the story of ‘The Silver Box’.

Libby and Ares are the stars of my Gods & Goats trilogy. The word prompt this week is ‘Future’ so the story will reflect the prompt. As these are original stories written in a week, some errors may be found. I do apologize for those in advance. Try not to let them boggle you down though if possible.

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The Silver Box


Riding through the waterfall was refreshing. It reminded me of going to Niagara Falls with Matt on our first anniversary. The getting wet part was reminiscent of that lovely weekend on the border. The soggy horse smell and the party of nearly nekkid Amazon`s wasn`t at all similar to anything one would see from the Maid of the Mist. I bet they`d sell lots more tickets to teenage boys if they offered a side-trip to see Xena and her band of warriors jubbling along at a steady jog.

The journey through the deluge of warm water was quicker than I assumed it would be. We moved through a very small area of darkness, a cave I assumed, and then stepped into brilliant sunlight. And humidity. Holy Rhoda Morgenstern, the humidity!

The air had changed dramatically. The other side of the falls was dry yet hot. This side was akin to someone wetting a wool blanket and laying it over you in August. I blinked and gasped at the moisture in the air. Shading my watery eyes I looked around.

The landscape had changed as dramatically as the relative humidity. We had left a rather wooded area that had more of a dry tundra feel. This valley we now moved through was a jungle. I tipped my head back as we rode deeper. The canopy overhead blocked out the sun aside from dancing beams zigzagging over the mulch underfoot.

“Did we just go through something magical?” I asked, turning my upper half around to look at where we had come from. There was nothing to see except three Amazon`s pulling up the rear. I turned back around.

“Aye, the city of the Amazon`s is guarded by mystical barriers as well as by war parties,” Harmonia informed me, her long legs bouncing off Fear`s ivory sides. “They leave only to hunt or to visit the nearby tribe of Gargareans, where they mate with the men.”

“That`s right, “I said as it came flowing back to me now, “Yearly they go out to find men. Once the mating is over they return to their city. If the offspring are male, they`re sent back to their fathers, kept as slaves, or tossed out to the jungle. The female children are kept and trained for the future in agriculture and warfare.” I swatted at a bug the size of a round roast buzzing beside my ear. It was impossible for me to grasp throwing a healthy male child out like garbage.

I gave the women trotting along steadily a long look. They were stunning creatures, wild and barbaric and bloodthirsty. I could see the blood of Ares in the proud tilt of their chins and the way their eyes glittered whenever they glanced at the weapons Harmonia and I carried. Yep, there was no denying who fathered this race, the damned randy rooster!

We took a short rest atop a ridge an hour later. The sun beat down unmercifully as soon as we stepped out from the shade of the trees. I wanted to strip off my armor. It was damned obvious why the Amazon`s pranced around in skins and nothing else. I felt like a wilted lily. Harmonia and I drank our wine greedily, taking a moment to stare down at the view and marvel at the magical homeland of the women warriors.

“It`s beautiful,” I said. I looked over to catch Harmonia nod. Her dark brows were knotted over worried green eyes. “What`s the matter?” I asked, handing the wine skin back to her. She glanced over her shoulder before speaking.

“I fear for the greeting we may receive,” she whispered, tugging the flask from me in mock anger. I winced as if fearful of being struck. “Keep your hand near your sword hilt at all times,” she warned on a rustle then stalked away from me. I hurried to follow her as a good slave would. Harmonia leaped onto Fear`s back. I was left to get up alone. No helping hand or anything, just a brusque rebuttal about being too slow.

Another hour was spent climbing higher and higher. We moved in and out of shade and sun. Sweat ran in steady streams under my armor. My head was getting woozy from wine and no food. Harmonia sat her seat like a queen, her back never bowing nor was her head falling forward like mine. I could easily see the future queen Harmonia would become.

I peeked over a goddesses shoulder to see a towering fence and gate blocking our path. At the heavy wooden doors were more Amazon`s. A shout went up, high pitched and warbling. Soon the doors were opened from within. We rode forward slowly.

The city was securely tucked behind logs sharpened into points and facing away from the walls. Tall thin spikes jutted upward from the fortification twenty or thirty feet high, each one with a human head impaled on it. Many were beyond recognition of course, flies and birds rising from the gruesome warnings as we rode under them. A goodly number I could see where men, their beards grizzled and fading from the intense sun. A bubble of nausea rose up my throat. I dropped my sweaty brow to Harmonia`s back.

Not picking my head up until I heard the doors being closed and barred, I managed to get my riotous stomach back under control. When I lifted my eyes I was pleasantly surprised. Themiscyra was a huge city, made up of hundreds of small homes with thatched roofs and log walls. Each home had a vibrant and overflowing garden. Long-haired cattle chomped on long grasses, eying us from secure pens. Pigs and chickens ran through Fear`s legs. The war horse kicked one hog and it rolled like a log until a couple young boys managed to catch the porker. The boys were naked, thin as rails, and never once looked up at the newcomers on the big white horse as curious lads should.

Something upsetting settled in my belly and it wasn`t just orange-zest wine. We clip-clopped over the fairly well-maintained dirt road until we wound our way to the largest building in sight: a magnificent abode made out of light ashen colored rock slabs. How many enormous squares had been placed to make the palace I couldn`t hazard to guess, my mind was stupefied at the sight. Harmonia slid gracefully form Fear`s back. I kind of did a lay down and roll dismount. The Amazon`s with us tittered at my graceful ways. I straightened my helm and walked along in Harmonia`s wake with my head held high.

It was considerably cooler inside. We were led into a huge open room, filled with colonnades and fern- leafed plants in pots. A wonderful cooling wind blew through the reception area. Small girls ran past, beautifully clad in tiny bits of pelt tied around their lean waists. Their laughter and healthy pink cheeks showing how favored their gender truly was here. A quick burst of what sounded like Greek erupted from Harmonia and a woman who sounded like Kathleen Turner.

I leaned left and right, trying to see the famed queen before we were presented to her. All that peeking wasn`t necessary though. I froze with my helm slipping over my eyes when Harmonia stepped aside.

Sitting on a throne of carved marble of purest white was Otrere, queen of the Amazon`s. She was more than pretty and yet not pretty at all, if that makes sense. Her skin was the rich glowing color of mahogany. Her eyes were wide and golden; her hair was brilliant red, kinky and long, and decorated with rubies, sapphires and emeralds as big as your thumbnail. She was strikingly masculine.

She leaned forward, golden bracelets rattling when her long muscular arms dropped to her knees. I wet my lips when she stood up. The woman was tall. I mean nearly as tall as Ares who comes in at about seven feet. She had not one stitch of clothing on. Her one breast was perfectly formed, heavy and tipped with a long, dark nipple. Her waist was tapered and toned. Her womanly mound was smooth and bare as a baby`s rump. I felt rather inadequate and very hairy. Hell, I hadn`t even shaved my legs this week….

She motioned me closer with a curt wave of a dark hand.

I tossed Harmonia a look. She nodded. Her lance trembled slightly in her hand. I tore off my helmet, shook my soggy red curls and walked up two long stone steps. The queen inhaled deeply and broke into a raging diatribe of cussing. I lowered my head and sniffed an armpit. Nope, my Secret was still holding up. I was too busy checking my deodorant to see the backhand Otrere hit me with. I felt it though. It rolled my ass down the stairs and left my right cheek stinging violently. I shook my head to clear the cloud of pain. Harmonia shouted at the queen. The queen shouted back then spat in my general direction.

“Whatever got under her skirt I didn`t mean to do it!” I yelled, stumbling to my feet while rubbing the glowing handprint on my face. Harmonia and Otrere shrieked and yelled at each other for another ten minutes it felt like. Probably it was only two but when you`ve been royally bitch slapped time drags on. When Ares` daughter spun around I knew the cow poop was piled pretty high. Her green eyes were snapping. I could feel the aggravation flowing from her. I got mad just inhaling her godly powers. I wanted to pinch someone, really hard. Like hard enough to make them cry. Yeah, I was going to go pinch that queen for spitting at me and-

“Libby,” Harmonia shook me from my nasty thoughts with a sharp poke in the chest.

“Ouch,” I whined. Now I had two places that needed rubbing.

“You must pay heed. Otrere is displeased. She smells my father on you and she-”

“Oh bullshit! I took a shower this morning and had a personal feminine refreshing moment as well!”I snapped.

Harmonia poked me again, harder this time. “You do not understand. Her nose is like a jungle cats. She smells his scent upon your skin. Feminine refreshment or not his smell is powerful, masculine, and strong and she is well familiar with his scent. She demands I turn you over to her for punishment.”

“And if you don`t do what she wants?”

“Do not fear. I have used my clout to lessen the fury she feels. Instead of whipping you until you die for sleeping with my father she has agreed to fight you for the honor of calling Ares lover.”

I could tell Harmonia thought this was a great bit of negotiating. Her smile was filled with pride.

“I`m going to kick your grandmother in the shin when I see her next,” I mumbled. Then I was whisked away by Amazon`s to be bathed, oiled, and primped up for my cage match against the deranged and neatly plucked ex.

I knew I should have gone to bingo at the fire hall with Lora-Mae after dinner.


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Karen said...

I love the way you use the sense of smell. "Her nose is like a jungle cat." Well written.

Kathleen Ball said...

very nice!!!

SherryGLoag said...

Love the dry humour in this :-)

Lindsay said...

Love the picture you painted

Cathy G. said...

Excellent details that painted a picture of the scene. You can't mess with the a god's ex, but the heroine sounds feisty enough to win out. Love the wittiness.

Jean Joachim said...

Wow! Death for sleeping with ARes. A bit harsh. I love the scene you have painted here, including all the customs and dress.

V.L. Locey said...

Many thanks TT family!

Yeah, Otrere seems to be a little insecure....