Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Book and a Cuppa - Jesse`s Brother

First thing off the bat, I don`t know who the man holding the blonde woman on this cover is but I find him very compelling and blessed with biceps that beg to be caressed. I just had to get that off my chest because I can`t seem to tear my eyes away from him.

Moving on, lest I forget to write my review and continue to stare, this time around we`re chatting about the novel Jesse`s Brother written by Wendy Ely.

Jesse`s Brother is a nicely penned romance that kept me very entertained. The story revolves around Samantha Johns, a young woman that has returned to the family ranch to mend a terrible relationship with her mother. Sam also has worries about her father to attend to. She certainly does not plan to meet two men and have to choose between them.

The book moves smoothly and quickly. The plot is nice and not too convoluted. The characters are appealing and likeable. The sex is hot and steamy. It had everything I ask from a romance book, all neatly packaged and sealed with a sexy man with killer biceps bow.

Sorry, I was cover gawking again. The only thing I had issue with was the having to choose between two men. This, I think, is a personal glitch though. I`ve never loved two men at once. I can`t relate to being in one man’s arms, telling him you think he`s the hottest mancake ever and then running to be in another man`s arms the following day. There`s just a tint of game playing with the woman in these situations that I don`t care for, but that`s my hang-up. It also explains why I don`t read or write many ménage tales. I`m a man/man or man/woman kind of reader/writer must be.

My personal issues with dangling two men along are not a reflection upon this book. I could fully understand Sam`s issues and how tough it was making her choice between Noah and Jesse. I just wanted her to choose NOW! Thankfully she saw the light at the end of the book and chose the right man for her. Or at least the man I thought she should be with.

Overall, Jesse`s Brother is a lovely little romance that any fan of the genre should enjoy. I`m going to give it a solid three stars although I`d like to give it at least three and a half stars, or even three and three-quarters stars, but I`m using the GoodReads rating system.


S. J. Qualls said...

That explains a lot and I'm sorry.

V.L. Locey said...

No need to be sorry, Sharon, it was a pleasant read overall. =)