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Tuesday Tales - Sexy

Welcome back! This week we`ll continue the story of ‘The Silver Box’.

Libby and Ares are the stars of my ‘Of Gods & Goats’ trilogy. The word prompt this week is ‘Sexy’ so the story will reflect the prompt. As these are original stories written in a week, some errors may be found. I do apologize for those in advance. Try not to let them boggle you down though if possible.

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The Silver Box


There are times I imagine how nice it would be to have my man`s mother stop by and drop off freshly baked cookies, not bombs about trying to locate a mythical box. I know, the cookies would go right to my ass, but better that than a journey off to some odd place to find a silver box.

“You do know Thanksgiving is next week, right?” I inquired of the Skymother. She blinked at me then raised her sight to her son.

“It is a holiday where there is much feasting and football,” Ares explained. “Why do you wish Libby to do this for you? Would it not be more sensible to ask Athena or Artemis?”

“I wish to have her locate it for me. My reasons are my own,” Hera returned to sipping her goddess juice. “She is free to take one person with her on this quest.”

“Ah,” I leaned forward and placed my arms on the table, “It`s a quest, is it? Don`t you think what Ares and I went through with Hades….”

Hera waved her hand at my words like they were buzzing blowflies. I snapped my jaw closed.

“I only wish to ensure my son has chosen a woman worthy of sharing his bed.”

Ares detonated behind me. He and Hera exchanged several rounds of explosive Greek before the god of battle threw his considerable bulk out the back door.

“So, yeah,” I mumbled, “He`s kind of upset about this.”

“He shall move past his anger,” Hera said, placing her lovely fan across her lap. “You are free to take one person along; I suggest you take Harmonia as the silver box was last seen in the lands of Sarmatia.”

I nodded. Taking Ares` daughter Harmonia along was no problem. She was easy enough to find since she lived here on earth with us.

“Why not take Ares, or one of the twins?” I began tapping nervously on the tabletop.

“Sarmatia is the land of the Amazon`s. I would not recommend taking Phobos or Deimos into their lands. As for Ares, I did not think you would wish to have him so close to a woman he once called consort. He sired a child upon Otrere, queen of the Amazons and daughter of Eurus, the east wind. That daughter was….”

“Hippolyta, one of the queens of the Amazon who lost her girdle to your favorite hero, Heracles, as one of his twelve labors. Yeah, I read that. I do that a lot. Read that is. Ares does as well as shocking as you may find that!”

Hera`s mouth drew into a slash. I might have been a tad acidic, I admit it, but it fires me up when the gods think all I do is lay on my back and spread my legs for Ares! Ever since he came into my life and heart I have studied like a daemon to try to learn all I can about him, his family, and the stories that surround them. I am much more than a bed partner for Ares, although I`m sure none of the exalted ones would ever care to see that. If they thought Ares loved me then they would have to admit that he was more than a barbaric blood-thirsty animal. Gods forbid they ever changed their opinions! The Heracles jab was pretty low I will confess. I know that Hera hates Heracles passionately.

“Your tongue is indeed sharp. I strongly suggest you soften its edge, Mortal.”

I pushed to my feet and began pacing around the table. “I`m sorry,” I said as I passed the coffeemaker on the counter, “I`m rather defensive when it comes to your son.”

“As I have seen,” Hera stood up slowly. I stopped walking and leaned my rump to the counter. “Find my silver box and I shall bestow upon you a gift. Do not seek to deny this gift,” she added when my mouth opened, “It is a gift that shall bring you much joy.”

She disappeared in a flash of pure white light that sent my synapses into a whirl. I spun around to face the coffeepot. After several minutes passed I opened one eye and then the other. There were still dots in front of my face.

“I hate that teleporting crap,” I muttered while pawing around for the handle of the coffeepot. Once located, I filled a mug that I pulled from the dish drainer and waited for the black spots to fade away. “I hope she took her stupid peacocks with her,” I mumbled just because I wanted to mumble.

Sipping at the steaming brew I stared out the tiny window over the sink. Ares would return shortly. He always did. I had more pressing matters to dwell upon. The sound of a teenager thundering down from the second floor tugged me from the rather envious images of Ares and some sexy Amazon woman making the bed springs squeak.

Harmonia, the goddess of harmony, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, fairly floated into the room. I smiled at her over my mug. She was a glorious creature with long dark hair and emerald cat-like eyes. Her presence filled the kitchen with serenity, something that I sorely needed at the moment.

“I saw a great light upon the yard from my bedroom window. Was father called to Olympus?” she inquired, opening the fridge to pull out the pitcher of goat milk.

“No, that was your grandmother,” I told the goddess in jeans and a pink sweatshirt. The girl paused in pouring milk into glass. Her expression said it all.

“What did grandmother wish?” Harmonia asked with trepidation.

“She wants us to find her silver box.” Harmonia`s slim eyebrows knitted in confusion, “The silver box that the gods filled with terrible things and then gave to Pandora.”

“The box that she carried when she went to Epimetheus?”

“The very same,” I huffed, arms folded over my chest. I blew a ginger curl away from my nose. “It`s been how many centuries and Hera decides she needs this box back now?”

“Perhaps grandmother seeks a way for you to prove your worth?” Harmonia tucked a long strand of chestnut behind her ear. “It is not unlike grandmother to do such a thing. Set a seemingly impossible task before a human knowing that they will fail.”

“Yeah well, Hera needs to be shown that not all of us mortal women are simpering dipshits. Sorry,” I added when her cheeks grew pink. “She suggested you accompany me on this quest to prove myself worthy of your father. Want to be my wing-woman?”

Her lovely face glowed. She hurried to put her glass on the counter then dashed at me to throw her arms around my neck. I inhaled her flowery scent and my soul was filled with accord.

“I would be thrilled to be your winged woman on this great quest!” Harmonia gushed and kissed my cheek. I was so full of tranquility from her touch I was expecting a unicorn and some fuzzy pink bunnies to come hopping into my house.

What came hopping in was no pink bunny. It was a god of war and he had a definite burr under his cuirass.


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Michele Stefanides said...

Hmmm, I have guesses on the gift Libby will receive once she retrieves the box! ;-)

V.L. Locey said...

*Tightens muzzle*

Sherry Gloag said...

Yep, I anticipate more sparks to come yet. Great offering.

Karen said...

I agree with Sherry. And now the god of war has strolled in. Nicely penned.

Jean said...

Looking forward to finding out what's bugging Ares. Great story.

V.L. Locey said...

Oh I should imagine Ares is mad at his mother. They clash at quite often.

Lindsay said...

Wonder showing of emotions here.
Go Libby