Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Welcome back! This week we`ll continue the story of ‘The Silver Box’.

Today we have a picture prompt and the story is written to reflect the image and must be 300 words. As these are original stories written in a week, some errors may be found. I do apologize for those in advance. Try not to let them boggle you down though if possible.

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The Silver Box


“What of the feasting and football?!”

I calmly flipped the page in the magazine. He`d stop blustering soon then I`d get a few words in. Oh look at the lovely picture of a lovely table all set for a lovely Thanksgiving feast! Maybe I wouldn`t be dead after this queenly quest and be able to cook a meal worthy of a magazine picture.

“Libby! Why are you not responding to me?”

I closed my latest copy of Farming Life & Wife and stared at the heaving mount of manly indignation glaring down at me.

“Is it my turn now?” I asked sweetly. Ares glowered. He eyed the back of a kitchen chair. “Don`t even think about it,” I warned then motioned him to sit across from me. His finely crafted ass dropped like a ton of Pennsylvania granite into the seat. The poor chair screamed in agony. The war god grabbed a pink pig pepper shaker and began rolling it in his powerful hands.

“I do not approve of you and my daughter heading off without a man at your side,” he said through clenched teeth.

“We`ll be fine. I can handle myself and Harmonia is a goddess. We`ll zip in, visit with your former consort and-”

“Do not listen to a word of what that shrew tells you, Bunting!” Ares shook his pig at me. A tiny black cloud flittered down to the table.

“I won`t,” I vowed. “We`ll be back in time for turkey and football, don`t worry,” I reached across the table to pat his hairy forearm.

“Whenever you are gone from my side, I worry,” he confessed then sneezed. I placed the napkins back in the holder then smiled.

“I know you do. Can I borrow some ordnance and a war horse?”


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Michele Stefanides said...

Aw so sweet, Ares worries about Libby!

Pamela Mason said...

I'm loving these two!
Is there really a Farming Life & Wife magazine? Like Southern Gardens & Guns? ...

Davee said...

"heaving mount of manly indignation..." love it! I enjoy the banter you create between characters. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jean said...

Love your descriptions and sly humor! Great post.Happy holiday!

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you all kindly and happy holidays to you as well!

Karen said...

Your descriptions are always picture perfect. I love these characters you created. Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Love the dialogue between the characters. Have a great Thanksgiving!

SherryGLoag said...

rofl, loved your last line :-)

Cathy G. said...

This is very clever! I enjoy the witty banter and how you worked the holiday setting into the story. Look forward to more.

Lindsay said...

Love how you wove the picture into the story

V.L. Locey said...

Many thanks TT family!