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Tuesday Tales - Cool

Welcome back! This week we`ll continue the story of ‘The Foggy Creek Hellhound’. This is a PG-13 tale.

The word prompt for this week is ‘Cool’ so the story will reflect the prompt in some manner. As these are original stories written in a week, some errors may be found. I do apologize for those in advance. Try not to let them boggle you down though if possible.

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The Foggy Creek Hellhound


      “Okay, nobody panic! We`ll get to the bottom of this. Just return to your homes and let the Paranormal Private Investigators team do their thing!” I said, standing at the rear of the van. The locals muttered amongst themselves and then ambled off. I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to control a situation with enough cool to make Arthur Fonzarelli proud.

“Man, that was impressive,” Gerard commented at my left. I nodded haughtily. “Damn shame you didn`t ask for the number of a local tow shop.”


“We`ll worry about the van later, we`ve got to stay on that things trail,” I stated, heading off to investigate where the hellhound had first entered the road. When a certain person didn`t follow with the camera, I stopped and waited. Eventually the man came along. “Okay, it came out right through here. Turn on the camera and we`ll start filming as I explain what we experienced.”

“Don`t you want your Spork?” the wiseass asked right before I was blinded by the Hitachi`s light.

“Do you have audio?” I asked. Gerard gave me a thumbs-up. I inhaled, tossed my hair from my eyes and put on my serious reporter face. “Hello fans of the supernatural, I`m Maggie Owens. Tonight, the PPI team will take you along as we sniff out the truth about the Foggy Creek Hellhound,” I spun around and extended my hand at the van. “As you can see, we`ve already met the fabled canine that lurks in the Maine woodlands. It was not ten minutes ago that the creature raced from the dark forest and attacked our news van.”

Gerard made a slow sweep of the van then returned to me.

“Thankfully neither I nor my cameraman, Gerard Williams, was seriously injured. After this break we`ll be heading into the Maine woodland in pursuit of this elusive and frightening specter.”

The small red light over the built-in microphone went off.

“How did that sound?” I asked, jogging back to the rear of the van to kick off my flats. I tugged my white blouse over my head and pawed around to find the overnight bag I had hastily packed. I heard Gerard`s heavy shitkickers crunching over the gravel alongside the road. “It wasn`t too much, was it?” I jerked the bag closer and unzipped it. “I think the people really like that kind of melodrama. The wrecked van will look really good as an opener,” I pattered on, reaching back to unzip my best black skirt.

A warm hand on my shoulder turned me around. Gerard pulled me to him. His mouth slanted over mine. My hands moved up his arms into those sexy ropes of hair. I wound them through my fingers as he slid his tongue over mine hungrily. His palms roamed up my bare back, pushing my breasts into his chest. I lost all track of where we were or what we were supposed to be doing. The kiss grew more heated, more desperate.

Gerard grabbed my derriere. I groaned into his mouth and gyrated against him. He started backing me up, his fingers massaging my rump roughly as we panted and groaned across each other’s mouths. The rear bumper was cold against the back of my knees. I held his mouth to mine, kissing him with as much fervor as he was me.

A howl ripped through the sleepy town of Foggy Creek. It bounced off the two idiots getting ready to make news of their own alongside a road.

“Damn, Maggie,” Gerard huffed, dropping tiny kisses down my jaw.

“Yeah, damn is right,” I panted, rubbing my face against his cheek. He was getting scruffy. I adore scruff. I wanted to have him abrade every inch of flesh I owned.

“I didn`t mean to leap on you like that,” he said between soft pecks to my parted lips. “I just…yeah, it was really tense and then you….I come back here to tell you….and….shit. There you stand with your shirt off and I just lost it for a minute.”

“So you`re one of those ‘Minute Men’ I hear so much about?” I teased, knowing the moment was gone but not wanting to release this georgous dark male quite yet. The deep rumble of laughter that rolled from his chest into mine nearly made my eyes cross in desire.

“If we weren`t standing alongside a road with a ghostly wolf about to rip our faces off, I`d….”

Another plaintive call rolled up from the west. This one made the fine hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Gerard exhaled once. His breath was hot and moist over my cheek. Then he released the hold he had on my backside.

“Hold that thought for a later time and place,” I tugged him down for one last long kiss. It took every iota of willpower I had to pull away from him and wiggle free.

“I, Uhm, I think I`ll just go stare at the trees for a minute,” Gerard shuffled off, his gait a tad skewed.

I didn`t dare snicker. I wasn`t in much better shape. My knees were weak, my breasts were tight, my skirt was up over my ass, and my hands were quaking. Placing my forehead to the side of the van helped a wee bit. Shakily I changed my clothes then took a few fortifying breathes to blow away the lingering lust. If this was how I was after a two-minute clinch, what the hell would I be like after making love to the man? I`d be a puddle of convulsing hormones. I couldn`t wait! Screw that five date rule. The hellhound sounded off again, the howl further away now.

“Screw you too, you miserable mood breaker,” I hissed as I slid my sneaker onto my left foot. Clad in jeans, a nearly worn-out Berkeley fleece and ratty sneakers I was ready. Gerard turned when I came up behind him. The lights of the van were dimming so I crawled inside to turn the engine off now that we were done filming.

“Can I just voice my opinion here?” Gerard said, placing that tall, muscular body in the open driver side door. I bobbed my head and sat sideways on the seat. “Okay, I think it is stupid to go off into the woods to chase this thing. I know,” he showed me his palm and I closed my mouth with a snap. “This is our job. This is what KBNY pays us to do. This is what the people want to see, but Maggie, Eddie and the viewers and the big shits who own the station don`t know what it is to kiss you. I do. I know I want to do that and a lot more with you after this assignment. So there it is. My request to just use what we have and take a chance the show gets cancelled.”

I slid down from the seat and wrapped my arms around his waist. I`m pretty sure we could have stood there all night, that`s how powerful this thing between us was becoming. Age and race differences be damned. I knew a good man when I saw one.

“That was incredibly romantic,” I said, leaning back in his arms to look at him. “But this is our job. This is what we are getting paid to do. If they scrap the show before it even premieres, where does that leave us? I`ll be back copy editing and you`ll be following Brittany Silverman around doing fluff pieces.”

The man shuddered at the thought.

“If we can give them what they want, viewers and brass alike, we get to stay together. I`m willing to face down a van wrecking hellhound for that.” I waited for him to reply.

“Yeah, fine, I get it,” he exhaled. “Just don`t be stupid brave, okay? That Spork won`t do much damage.”

“No worries,” I smiled and rose to my toes to give him a quick smooch. “You`ll be right behind me with a butter knife,” I told him before wriggling free to jog across the road.


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Davee said...

I really enjoy the dialogue exchange between these two. Fun and mysterious TT!

Lindsay said...

Love the dialogue, steamy kisses and the hellhond interrupting them

Cathy G. said...

Very hot! Wonder what will happen next.

Karen said...

I love these two characters and the energy that explodes between the two of them. And the kisses were hot!

Jean said...

Wow! Love the growing sexual tension between these two. It's smokin'. Looking forward to the next installment.

J.P. Grider said...

Great job! I love the chemistry between them. I also love the Arthur Fonzarelli reference. There's no one cooler than The Fonz.