Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Book and a Cuppa - The Mark of Athena

Did you know it`s really hard to write a review when you`re kneeling on the floor? Well take my word for it, it is. Oh. Why am I on the floor you ask? I`m down here on my knees subjugating myself in front of Rick Riordan`s latest novel ‘The Mark of Athena.’ Yes, it is that good. Yes, Mr. Riordan is my hero and my inspiration when it comes to Greek mythos action and adventure. Yes, I need to find a pillow for my knees or get off the floor. I think I`ll sit at the table for the rest of the review.

Oh yeah, this is better. So where the heck should I begin? Well, let`s begin with the fact that Percy and Annabeth are back and have starring roles. Yep! Color me all sorts of excited! I like Jason the Roman hero well enough, I mean, he`s okay but just okay. Percy Jackson is the man to beat in this Greek mythology lover eyes. It`s Percy that really carries the book in my humble. Annabeth as well has a huge and well deserved role in ‘The Mark of Athena’. She finally gets to show what a daughter of Athena can do instead of playing the smart girlfriend of the hero. More please, Mr. Riordan. Let`s show the young women stepping up to bat more frequently.

The action is faster than a runaway chariot, as always. This time Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper and the other three chosen demigods are trying to figure out exactly what the mark of Athena is. The gang is also facing a ticking clock to save Nico, a son of Hades who is being held captive in a huge urn, and hopefully stopping the plans to bring back Gaea, the all powerful mother earth.

As with every YA book Mr. Riordan pens adventure and humor are top priorities. I laughed out loud at quite a few of the situations the kids found themselves in. Leo, a son of the forge god Hephaestus, is especially funny, tossing out clever one-liners and witty comebacks while piloting a flying ancient Greek battle ship with Wi-Fi, video games, and fridges filled with teen food.

There is some romance and it`s sweet and innocent and makes my old heart pitter-patter.

I wish every kid could read Rick Riordan`s books and get hooked on mythology before they`re forced to endure the stale, dry, academic blah-blah-blah that bores them into hating mythology. I can`t imagine young readers wouldn`t want to find out more about the Greek pantheon if it could be taught like Rick Riordan writes.

And the ending! Sweet Hera, talk about a cliffhanger of Olympic proportions! I loved it! I cannot wait to get the next book ‘The House of Hades’ when it comes out. Darned shame I have to wait until October 2013 tentatively. Good thing I have my own series filled with Greek mythos and romance to tide me over. ‘The Mark of Athena’ is a five star read from beginning to end. Grab your nearest Pegasi and fly to your local Indie bookstore for a copy. Go, do it now before the wrath of the gods falls upon you!


Melinda said...

Sounds like yiou had a great time with this book. I'm glad you got off the floor though.

M :)

V.L. Locey said...

I always enjoy Mr. Riordan`s books. And I`m glad I got off the floor as well, Melinda. My old knees can`t take too much of that stuff.