Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Word of Mouth - Blood Roles

Howdy gang, today we`re going to be chatting about the last book to be placed on my ‘Finished’ pile, ‘Blood Roles’ by Mia Fisher. So make yourself comfy, fill up your mug, and let`s talk books!

I have to confess that the more I step out of my Rom/Com & Para/Rom genre the more great reads I`m finding. I never thought I would be drawn into murder mysteries but this book sure drew me in.

There is a vicious serial killer ripping through the population on the White River Indian Reservation. Police Chief Taylor Rains ends up having to go to the NABSU (Native American Behavioral Science Unit) for outside help. The only problem with this is that the co-director of the NABSU is Chief Rains` former fiancé, Andie Prescott. They didn`t part well we`ll say. Andie and her team agree to help catch the killer and then the body count begins to climb. Chief Rains and Agent Prescott are soon wound in a horrific web of blood, dark magic, and hatred aimed at innocent people whose blood is a tad too skimpy.

I love the tag line on the back cover: ‘The thinner your blood, the faster you die.’

Ms. Fisher did a wonderful job of keeping the mystery up her literary sleeve. We don`t find out who the killer is before we need to. I had suspicions but wasn`t sure until the author felt it was time to let me know. The plot is really tight, the suspense bordering on nerve-wracking, and the pace perfect. I kept flipping pages because I had to find out if my suspicions were right. (They were by the way!)

We are treated to not only a great murder mystery but to watching two people who had loved each other years ago trying to work together. It was a poignant and rich relationship we got to witness with Andie and Taylor. Both older now, and with more life experience, they have to put aside old grudges and hurts to track the killer. It was not an easy fix either. I commend Ms. Fisher for keeping it real.

Yeah, Andie rips Taylor for tossing her aside due to her white blood. She needed to. Not just for herself but for Taylor as well. He needed to hear and see her pain in order to fully understand how much she lost when he walked. And, as a romance fanatic, I`d be remiss if I didn`t discuss the sex scenes. They were nicely done, filled with plenty of heat, and also worked perfectly to show the passion and love that the leading man and lady have for each other. But don`t let the reunion bed antics fool you into complacency. Life isn`t always so simple for lovers, now is it? I won`t spoil but I think you too will be left chomping at the bit for the next novel.

‘Blood Lines’ is a great read and a solid four star book. I`m anxiously looking forward to the next book in the NABSU series, for many reasons!


Willard said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog, today.

I was not much of a murder mystery reader until my daughter bought me a few and has kept doing so over the years, so they are now one of my favorite type of novels.

Nancy Claeys said...

Sounds like a good'n, Vicky. And doesn't that look like Dave Navarro on the front cover? :)

V.L. Locey said...

It was a very good read. It does, Nancy!