Friday, September 14, 2012

Literary Garden Party

Sometime`s songs are amazingly inspirational, don`t you think?

I was listening to some oldies the other day when Rick Nelson`s ‘Garden Party’ came on.

Rick Nelson - Garden Party

Now I know some of you may not know Rick, how he came to fame, or the song for that matter, and that`s okay. The song tells a story about a man going to a garden party where he explains that he has learned many life lessons. It`s a lovely song with some very good advice.

Well, Rick`s song got me thinking about going to a literary garden party. Imagine spending a day in a perfectly manicured garden, sipping tea and nibbling finger sandwiches while chatting with your favorite literary characters!

I can easily see myself sitting down to chat with a pig, a spider, a rat, a goose, and Fern. Of course, some at the party may take offense to such creatures at the table, but not me. I would ask Charlotte how it was she became so skilled at weaving. I`d keep a close eye on Templeton the rat, because I fear he would steal the cookies and tarts and try to take them under the trough. Speaking to Goose may become frustrating after a bit, what with her propensity to stutter, but I think we could talk for hours about our children, for Goose is a very attentive mother.

Wilbur would have to sit on a pillow or two to reach his plate, since he is a runt. I bet he would love cleaning up the scraps! Fern and I would fall into a deep discussion on pig rearing and proper fair procedure. Maybe, as we sipped and chatted, I might be able to get a blush out of the young girl by mentioning Henry Fussy.

Perhaps at another table, a much bigger one tucked back inside a darkened cave to avoid any sunlight, I could sit down and discuss how the war against the Lessers and BoB is going with Wrath. I could laugh at Rhage and his stupid jokes and enjoy watching Zsadist cradling his daughter, Nalla, while Phury and Butch compare suits.

Of course, I`d be seated next to Vishous, because this is my literary garden party and I get to sit next to the Brother I covet the most. He and I would sip tea heavily doused with Grey Goose, get into serious tech talk and Red Sox gossip, and argue which is better: rap or rock. More than likely I would stumble a bit as I left the cave, the sun blinding me as I giggled, hiccupped and tripped to the next table.

There I would find a seat between Claire and Jamie Fraser. Jamie would find my slightly soused state rather amusing. Perhaps he would even ask where I had found the good stuff as the party was a wee bit dry for his tastes. Claire and I could chat about life at Lollybroch, how she is doing, what changes she would like to see made.

Maybe the three of us could engage in a lively croquet game after I got my feet under me right. Jamie would cheat when confronted by the skills of a goatherder and a Sassenach I wager. Lord knows the man has a rather large amount of pride. Claire and I would roll our eyes and let the Highland warrior win, although the pilfered croquet balls in his sporran would amuse us to no end.

If you were having a literary garden party, who would you see and visit with? I`d love to hear what characters you`d sit down with for a day in the garden!


TexWisGirl said...

the charlotte's web bunch would be welcome at my table. :)

Michele Stefanides said...

I would throw a garden party in honor of Libby and Ares. I would invite Michael from Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series, and Marjorie Morgenstern from Herman Wouk's Marjorie Morningstar, with guest appearances from Melissa and Brett from Such is Life. ;-)

Melinda said...

My party invitees would be Pooh and friends!

M :)