Friday, August 24, 2012

What Lurks in the Woods?

There were some odd things happening on the hillside farm this morning….

Let me go back to five this morning and relate what occurred. I stumbled out, missing a slipper, aimed myself at the coffee pot and poured a mug full. Mister had left for work already. Miss is spending a few days with her boyfriend before school starts so it`s just me here with the critters until Mister comes home this afternoon.

I got a few sips of zombie cure into me and shuffled over to let the dogs out. I removed my lost slipper from Trinity`s mouth and opened the door. Three dogs and a yellow cat raced out into the dark. I cursed. Lucius isn`t supposed to go outside until the sun is up. Owls are known to snack upon cats, or so Mister tells me. I don`t know if owls really eat cats or not but I`ve seen what they do to rabbits. It`s not pretty.

I yelled at the dogs to keep an eye on that rassafrassin` bad cat and go back to drinking coffee. One by one the dogs returned. Tinker the beagle is last, but that`s not unusual. He tends to get easily distracted. I handed out dog biscuits to the trio. Then Tinker began to act very oddly. Generally all three dogs go back to sleep after coming in. Tinker will either crash on our bed after digging Mister`s pillow into a mound (Why just his pillow I haven`t a clue) or he`ll curl up with Miss.

This morning he paced from window to window anxiously. I peeked out and saw nothing. The sun was just coming up by this time. The cow barn chickens were awake and pecking about casually. The geese, which had thrown a hissy fit and refused to go into their coop last night, were meandering across the driveway with cool, goosy nonchalance.

Not wishing to appear to be some Mary-Jane, I shrugged the dogs actions off, got a shower and then went out the back door with my black lab to do chores. Trinity at my side erased any lingering qualms I may have had about Tinker`s weird behavior. I scooped up my corn and headed up the hill, a hundred pound Lab at my side with the corn bucket in her mouth. Big dogs do give us a sense of protection no doubt.

Halfway up the hill the dog paused. A low growl began to rumble from her. I stopped dead. I looked around the backyard and peered into the state woods that hug our property. I saw nothing. Trinity was still growling deeply in her chest. We moved up the hill slowly, my fingers on her head. There was not a rustle in the tall weeds that border where Mister mows the grass. I took the bucket of corn from the dog when I got to the first coop. Trinity slinked off with her tail down and then shoved her head into a thick patch of weeds beside the green coop. I watched through the fence as I was scooping up turkey pellets. Her hackles rose. Her growl deepened. I could not see a thing in the weeds under the pines.

Not knowing what was nearby, if anything, I called her back. She came, but it was with multiple looks over her shoulder. By this time I was pretty sure Tinker had not been playing games earlier. What I was concerned about now was if the bear was still close or not. Trinity and I got the chores done in record time rest assured. Going down the hill to the house she once more stopped, empty corn bucket handle in mouth, and issued another warning growl at the weeds. Lucius then raced across the yard, his tail like a bottle brush and dashed to the back door.

I`m not sure what lurks in the woods but Mister is going to go up and shut up birds tonight!


phylliso said...

Animals are usually right on about those kinds of things,I`d be lettin` Mister put the animals away too tonight.phyllis

TexWisGirl said...

uh oh. glad you have your warning systems in place!

S. J. Qualls said...

That would be pushing ALL my panic buttons!

Melinda said...

Sounds a little scary to me.
My tail would be atanding up too.

Take care!

M :)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Ooooo! Animals are most always right when it comes to Something in the Woods...........

Glad Mister will be there tonight to help!

And now we want to know: The Rest of the Story! :D

Have a wonderful (and safe!) weekend!

The Goat Borrower

V.L. Locey said...

Well so far there have been no further eerie morning moments. I`m crossing my fingers the bear was just meandering through.