Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summertime, and the living is easy. Not.

At least not for me here on the hillside farm!

Hi there gang. I bet you thought I fell of the side of the world, huh? I didn`t, thank goodness because that is a long way down. I have been crushed and crunched for time since school let out.

Whoever said summer was a relaxing time never had a teenage daughter with a new job and a new boyfriend but only a learners permit. Or a mother-in-law who had knee replacement surgery and needs rides to physical therapy and the out-patient lab at the hospital for six weeks. Or a new book to promote, a second book to get reading for beta readers, a third book screaming to be written or…I have to sit down. I wore myself out just listing all the obligations! There were times that I thought I should just sleep in a vehicle, since I spent every day running.

Thankfully things have slowed down now. Mother-in-law is driving again. I knew it wouldn`t take her long to get back behind the wheel. She`s too independent to rely on someone else if she can do it herself. Miss is still working of course, and jogging over to Westfield to spend time with her new beau when she`s not. Now that I`ve got some free time I hope to get back into regular blog posts. I may also do a slight revamp of my blog, adding more flash fiction when I write it, and getting back into posting my book reviews here as well as GoodReads.

Since writing is such a large part of my life, expect more posts about that, as well as the usual corn-fed news and observations of a goatherder trying to remember which pail to put the milk in!

Speaking of observations….hold on, have to go heat up a cuppa in the microwave. *Runs off to get mug of java* Okay, I`m back. Ahh that is good stuff! Where was I? Oh yeah, my observation for the day. As I was coming back from Wellsboro after taking Miss to work, I observed road workers. Those are not uncommon sights during the summer, I know. A major repaving project on the main road I use to go to town has been running for weeks now. Back-logged traffic and waits of up to a half-hour one morning are not rare. They`re finally wrapping up things and today were installing new guard rails which we had to sit and stare at the flagman for.

Did you ever notice the hotter it gets the less amiable those flaggers are? If you pass them early in the AM they`ll smiling and wave you along with gentle motions of their orange flags. Heck, some even smile as they`re flipping the ‘Slow’ side to the ‘Stop’ side. Which, if they`re attractive tanned guys, makes the wait much more enjoyable. But as the heat creeps into the nineties and the humidity climbs into the triple digits (Sure, I know it doesn`t get into triple digits but it feels like it, am I right?) they seem less inclined to smile or move you along pleasantly.

I don`t blame them. If I had to stand out there, on a black road, in a vest and hardhat when it was ninety-five degrees I would be less than happy. I would probably lose my job the first day for snapping at drivers, or beating on their hoods with my flag to get them moving the hell along instead of jawing on their cell phones. I get bear-rump ugly in hot weather. Just ask Mister. He knows. Oh, does he know.

Guess I had best get moving along, the clothes are waiting for someone to move them into the dryer. I will drop in and visit y`all over the week to catch up with you and your blogs, I swear!


Texan said...

Well I am wore out from reading all that LOL...
Hope you get to take a deep breath and relax a little :O)

TexWisGirl said...

laughed at your flagman description. yeah, i'd certainly lose my 'smile' too!

V.L. Locey said...

It`s good to be back! I missed my blogging buddies!

Nancy Claeys said...

I honestly don't know how anyone works in this heat -- my hubby included. Glad to see you back, Vicky, although we bump into each other on FB every once and awhile. :)

Charlotte said...

I love the sleeping chick picture. Spring and Summer are the busiest. I have 3 grands to keep during the summer along with everything else. And yes the heat just makes it tougher.