Monday, May 14, 2012

Guess it all depends.....

….on who`s waiting in the car/truck.

Howdy all! Gosh it`s been a frantic couple of weeks around here on the goat farm. My blog always seems to suffer when I get rushed, and I am sorry for that. I do have a fresh pot on though and some thoughts to share, if you want to drop down and jaw for awhile!

Over the past two weeks Mister has had more than half of his vacation time. This means, for my husband, turkey hunting. He did bag a couple of nice gobblers this year the first two days, which means, for me, that he was now done hunting.

A whole week of a man in the house.

Thankfully for both of our sanities we`re building an addition to our goat barn! A nice, big, enclosed milking room! That project has been keeping my brother-in-law and him busy. One day last week we had to run a few errands, nothing too time-consuming just a trip to pick up the shotgun Mister loaned his buddy, grab some square bales for my editor to make a raised garden out of, and a quick stop at the hardware store for more screws my husband assured me.

So, over to Mansfield we go. It was a nice ride although the day was cloudy and spitting rain. We shot the bull and listened to classic rock on the radio. When we pulled into the hardware store in Mansfield he said, and I quote, “I`ll be just a minute.”

“Okay,” I said and waited. I`m not a fan of hardware stores. I have nothing against them because, hey, when you need hardware you need a hardware store, right? But to mosey about looking at tools and rakes and such just doesn`t tickle my fancy. Mister is the same in a comic shop. I can spend hours browsing through boxes of old back-issues of Iron Man or Deadpool. Mister can do about five minutes then has to leave. Same for me and a book store. Oh how I can meander, read back covers, study the covers of novels and…

Sorry, I digressed.

Anydoodles there I was, waiting in the truck with the radio on. Folks were coming and going, mostly men I noticed through the rain-speckled windows. The music was on and I was happy. I waited and watched. He was only running in for a box of screws, right?

Suddenly the radio turned off. It does that after ten minutes automatically. Mister had the keys. It was now raining pretty hard. The windows were growing foggy. I cleared a patch of steam and continued to watch men running into the store. The men that were exiting were not my husband. Soon, I think it was because of all the carbon dioxide I had breathed out while waiting, I nodded off. He was only running in for a box of screws, right?

Finally, the door opened, waking me from my nap. I jerked up in the seat. Mister hurried to climb in and shut the door.

“What?” he asked when our eyes met.

“I thought you were just going in to grab a box of screws.”

“I did,” he replied and showed me his purchase. One box of screws.

“It takes thirty minutes to find a box of screws?” I asked sweetly. (Okay, it was probably not sweetly but my neck was stiff, my glasses were fogged and I had to pee.)

“Well, no, I found the screws right off. Then I found this automatic water gizmo that I was looking at, then they had these tarps on sale and…..”

My mind went blank right about there. This is the same man, who, much like his father, is known to leave the house, get in the car/truck and blow the horn when we girls aren`t there fast enough. This is also the man who, if someone of the wifely persuasion isn`t in and out of the grocery store quick enough, has a very cross look when I get into the car. This is also the man who, well, we won`t even get into how fidgety he gets when I go into the book store or comic shop.

“You know what they say about the goose and the gander,” I sniffed as we backed out and headed to his buddies house.

“Something about down?” he commented sarcastically then whipped into his friend, and fellow turkey hunting enthusiasts, home. “I`m going to just run in and get the shot gun,” Mister called as he slid from the truck, “I`ll be just a minute.”

I don`t even need to say it, do I?


Texan said...

rofl rofl

Well since I am so not sitting in the truck at the hardware store as I love the hardware store!! I am as bad or worse than some men about roaming and looking at tools and gadgets LOL.

My honeyman is pretty good really about waiting on me at a store but I feel very rushed anyway. I feel like I need to hurry as he is sitting in the truck, its of my own making not his...

ummmm I am not as good on the waiting end however. I know I should be as he is by me, but I only will sit in the truck say at the gas station lol while he fills up the truck and is just going in long enough to get us a drink and even then I can think well how long does it take to get a tea and coffee. LOL...

TexWisGirl said...

too funny. this reminded me of my youth when my father had to drive us into town for clothes shopping, etc. my mom didn't get her driver's license until i was about 10 or 11. :)

Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

LOL! I SYMPATHIZE! As a child I remember my father doing the same thing... that was back in the day when you could leave your kids in the car. It use to drive me and my mother crazy!