Thursday, April 12, 2012

Word of Mouth - The Spirit Keeper

More books! I just love chatting about books, don`t you??

Today we`ll be sipping coffee and passing some word of mouth about a wonderfully written YA novel called ‘The Spirit Keeper’ by Melissa Luznicky Garrett.

As y`all know, or should know by now, I have a great fondness for all things mythological. That includes the myths and legends of the Native Americans. This love of the Native American culture and stories was passed down to me by my mother, who read anything that had to do with Native Americans, their ways, customs and legends.

Ms. Garrett does a superb job of giving us a new world filled with magic, lore and characters that we grow to really care about. I was particularly impressed with how the author wove a new tale of creation. That grabbed me right away. Then I was swept up into the life of Sarah Redbird, a young woman living with her aunt and uncle after the death of her mother and grandparent`s in a house fire. That fire turns out to be not just a terrible accident but a very deliberate act of revenge.

It`s been six years since the day of that fire and Sarah is now trying to move through the always agonizing high school years. Her heritage does not make this any easier and she is constantly tormented and ridiculed by one young lady (And I use the term VERY loosely here) in particular. You know the author has you when you sit and hiss bad words at a character in a book. I did not like little Miss Katie…no I did not! But, Sarah rises above the taunts and racial slurs tossed at her with dignity and grace. Kudos Sarah!

Life seems to be rather normal until a new family moves in across the street. A family, it turns out, that has a direct tie to Sarah`s family and past. A past that her aunt and uncle have kept hidden from her.

The book moves along wonderfully, never slowing in pace. The teens act and speak like teenagers do. The pain of being an outcast in high school is shown with sometimes brutal honesty. The mystery is also well-plotted and kept me guessing, giving me one person who I thought was the baddie only to find out….well, I don`t want to spoil it for anyone so I`ll keep that to myself.

Another point I wanted to make about this YA novel is how realistically the romance between Sarah and Adrian felt to me. There is no sex in this book, but the spark and sizzle is there as are some nice, heated embraces and kisses. My daughter would love this book for its mature depiction of teen romance and how a young woman feels and thinks when she first kisses the man of her destiny.

I really enjoyed ‘The Spirit Keeper’ and can`t wait to see what happens next to Sarah!


Melissa said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review The Spirit Keeper! I'm thrilled you liked it and hope your daughter will, too. :-D

S. J. Q. said...

Sounds like it could be a good read!

V.L. Locey said...

It is a very good read, SJQ! My pleasure Melissa. =)