Thursday, April 5, 2012

New kids and other assorted tidbits

Morning gang! Pull out a chair and rest a bit. I`ll turn the coffee pot on!

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you`ve been busier than a nesting goose but look around and see very little to verify how busy you`ve been? It`s been like that for me of late. I feel like I`m running some sort of marathon and yet my TV is dusty, the carpet needs vacuumed and the family is getting leftovers for dinner.

I blame it on social networking for the release of the book. It seems like there is SO much that has to be done. Sometimes I sit back and wonder if it really all needs to be done or if I`m just allowing the world to dictate what I must do. I`ll ponder on that for another day or two before I leap into much more time spent online. I know promotion and marketing are important, especially for self-pubbers like me, but must I do every little thing that other writers do? Again, I`ll chew on that and come to a decision.

The good news is that the book is done! I should have the printed copies in hand sometime over the next two days. Due to some issues with formatting which were my fault, the release date of 4/6 will be pushed back a bit. I`ll let y`all know when the print and E-reader version will be available. Should be within a week. I might just set the release date to coincide with my author event at my local Indie bookstore on the 14th.

We have had some new kids since last we gabbed. Both Sable bucks and I think keepers! I did say I wanted to try to move away from Nubians and into Sables and these guys are just too handsome not to use as breeders! This is Polyphemus, who was named after a cyclops in Greek mythology. No, he isn`t lacking an eye, I named him that because he is a GIANT!

And this is Perseus. What a cutie and look at that color!

We still have two more does to kid and then I think we`re done for the season! Aside from goats Miss Yodeling has all next week off for Spring break. We were discussing her going to take her permit test on Wednesday this morning, so maybe she will. I`ll let you know. Easter is coming right up, so Sunday I`ll be cooking for the family and MIL and my Pops. I hope that any of you that drive to visit friends and family arrive safely.

I think that`s about it. *Stops to ponder* Yep, can`t think of anything to pass along. Time to refresh my cuppa and go see what`s new in Blog-Land!


Michele Stefanides said...

I want Perseus! He is adorable!

TexWisGirl said...

your little bucklings are cute.

V.L. Locey said...

They are cuties, I can`t deny that!

Jim said...

I WANT one!!!SO cute!
Also, congratulations on your book. Looking forward to getting one....add me to a list please if you have one and give me the details. You must be so excited!

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for your interest in 'Of Gods & Goats', Jim! I do have your name down on a list. The books will be delivered to me tomorrow, and then I`ll be taking some to the book store that`s carrying them until my website is set-up for PayPal. I`ll link the website here for everyone so they can find where to get thier copy. It is very exciting! And kind of nerve wracking at the same time. =)

Charlotte said...

I know what you mean about being busy with little to show for it. Good luck with the book.
The kids are great. Love them both.