Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Magic Touch or Conspiracy?

Howdy all! Drop on down and have a fresh cuppa. I have a question for the girls…..

I was wondering if you ladies ever had this happen to you. It`s happened to me more times than I care to mention. Yesterday I went down to pick up Miss at the bottom of the driveway. I had put the window on my side down because the two dogs that insist on going down in the afternoon were breathing up the truck. After the bus came and my kid got in, she too pushed the button and her window went down. Up the hill we came, talking about our days. I parked the truck and tried to get the front windows to go up. Neither would work. I pushed. Miss pushed. We pushed and pushed and pushed those buttons.


So we left the windows down and came inside. I tossed the keys to Mister and informed him, in my most loving wife way, that the truck windows wouldn`t go up. I got the look. You married gals know that look. The one that says without words ‘I just got home from a ten hour shift and now you want me to go fix truck windows?!’ So, I gave him a look back. Mine says without words ‘I know you just got home but the rassafrassin` windows are down so don`t give me ocular lip, just go fix the windows!’

We have lots of conversation without uttering a word after twenty years.

So he huffed outside and I got around and started dinner. He wasn`t gone two minutes until he was back. I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Did you get them up?” I asked, stirring ground beef in the pot for sauce.

“Yeah, I pushed the button and they went up.”

That statement was followed by another look. The DUH look.

“I pushed the button! Seventy-two times in fact and those windows would not go up!”

Mister said nothing in reply. He didn`t need to. I knew what he was thinking but I swear my daughter and I pushed those darned buttons! Why is it that when a vehicle decides to be stupid it only does it when I`m driving it? I`ll hear all these sounds and creaks and ominous noises and tell Mister about them. Does he hear them when he`s driving the darn thing? No. Then he gives me that DUH look and carries on about his business.

Is this some sort of plot by cars and trucks to make us women look stupid? Or, is it that we ladies can hear things than men can`t? Lord knows I could hear a baby sniffle in the middle of the night but my husband couldn`t hear her screaming her head off.

Perhaps this is a case of male selective hearing. He is quite gifted in that regard. I can be having a long conversation about something important, like plotlines, what to wear, what happened to my eyelashes, you know? Important stuff for a woman. I`ll think he`s listening but when I ask him a question I get that blank stare as he moves his sight from the TV to me.

Well, whatever it is, selective hearing or a plot by vehicles to make me look like a dolt, I don`t like it. Oh, and the windows in the truck are working fine this morning.

Go figure.

And a big yodel of welcome to Melissa Garrett! Welcome to the hillside farm, Melissa. Knowledge of yodeling is not required to have fun!


S. J. Q. said...

It's either a woman thing or a man thing... however you want to look at it. Mechanical things have spirits of their own and they enjoy making women look bad, the same way that washing machines make men look bad.

I had an El Camino, it got cantankerous. I would hit the key... nothing. He'd go out there and it would start every time!

It's great that you're windows work again!

TexWisGirl said...

i think it's a plot to make men feel needed. :)

just glad no real service was required.

Jim said...

Hey, what can I say!! lol I'll be smart on this one and say:"No comment at this time."

Here's my email:

V.L. Locey said...

You`re a smart man, Jim. I`ll be in contact!

The conspriacy theory seems to be in the lead.

HilyBee said...

Conspiracy theory is definitely winning in my book. I always seem to hear/see/feel all the problems with my car until my Dad or his best friend (our mechanic) drives it...then nothing! It is terrible. I get the DUH look all the time from my car...

Carol............. said... this a right brain , left brain thing? LOL

Texan said...

As mine has mine right now finding out why that stupid check engine light keeps coming on! We have used the battery trick several times to turn it off, but drive it 5 miles and back on it comes! Makes me a nervous wreck just waiting for it to stop and leave me stranded in the middle of no where! grrrr

Its a plot alright but I am not sure for what or by whom!

Or the time the gas gauge would suddenly drop to empty while I was driving down the freeway.. only did it when I was in it! Oh ya, ugggg finally replaced the fuel something or other and it never has done it since! uh huh.. nothing wrong with it lol..