Monday, April 9, 2012

How I Spent My Easter

Howdy gang! Tug out a chair and grab a mug of the good stuff!

I seem to still be suffering from a case of the logeys this morning. Must be a ham and taters hang-over. I hope everyone who celebrates had a good day with their loved ones. Ours was nice if not quiet. Mister and one of his fellow turkey hunting groupies - I mean fellow enthusiast – left at the crack of dawn to go listen to wild turkeys. Miss Yodeling slept in. Being a teenager is exhausting apparently. So that left me to my own devices.

After getting the ham in and whittling on the short story that refuses to remain a short story I fiddled around at Smashwords and got my book uploaded! Any of you that have E-Readers can click on that link over to the right to order your copy, if you so wish. I must give a shout to Angel Walker, my buddy and sister in writing, for pretty much leading me step-by-step through the formatting of an E-book. Thank you, thank you Angel!

For anyone looking for a print copy, you should be able to order yours here-

From My Shelf Books

If you can`t find a direct link, try back again in a day or two. Kasey should have it up by then. The long weekend has pushed things back. I`m also working with my tech whiz buddy to get things set up on my website so that readers can order directly from me. Hopefully we`ll have things up and running soon, but feel free to hit my beloved Indie bookstore if you don`t wish to wait!

After that was taken care of, I moseyed outside. The ducks were ready to come out and play so I hung out with them for awhile. They`re growing like weeds and have gotten so big only two can fit in the tub at a time.

I then meandered down to the goat barn to check out the new twins we had overnight Sunday.

A buck and a doe, the doe is on the right. I was really pleased to see a buck since I had people stop Monday in search of a Nubian buck. Sunday we had wethered the two older bucks. Talk about terrible timing!! I`ll be calling them ASAP to let them know we have one for them.

While I was chillaxing with the kids I decided to get all hip and cool like the kids and take a self-portrait of myself. You know how all the teens have images of themselves taken with their cell phones as their Facebook avatars? Heck yeah, I`m groovy and spank! (Do they still use those words? Probably not.)

What follows is my attempt to take a picture of Perseus and me. The last one is the keeper, don`t you think?? Nothing says love like a kid sucking on your ear.

Perseus grew tired of the photo session and nodded off in my arms. I snapped a few other random shots of Freya kid-sitting and Polyphemus using his mother as a step-stool then decided I had lollygagged enough.

After a smooch to my favorite demigod hero`s sweet head I returned to the house to get things in gear for the big meal.

Funny little thing I have to add. I had told my dad that we were eating at one. Well, one comes and no pop. Mother-in-Law is here and the food is ready, so, we sit down and eat. I figured that perhaps he simply forgot that it was Easter. His memory is not what it should be. Either is mine and I can`t site being over eighty as a reason either! After the clean-up we were getting around to take a plate to him uptown. Calling sometimes does nothing since he doesn`t like to answer his phone. He hates telemarketers and assumes it’s them ringing some times. I was just putting the ham into a container and up pulls Pop, hyacinth in his hand.

“Pop,” I said after he waded through the three dog greeting committee, “We were just coming up to check on you.”

“Check on me? Why? You said dinner was at three.” (He dislikes thinking he needs people to check on him.)

“No, Pop, I said dinner was at one.”

“You did?” he asked, “Well, at least I remembered it was today!” he chuckled then sat down to eat and chat.

Hey, as long as he showed up hale and hearty, the time isn`t important, right? *Winks* The rest of the day was spent reading, napping, playing X-Box, napping some more and then heading to the bedding.

How was your long weekend??


TexWisGirl said...

very 'hip' pix of you and the goat. :) glad you had a good easter and everyone was okay!

Jim said...

I want me a Persius! Too cute for words!
Your Dad sounds like my Dad! Mine gets everything scrambled up....but I guess he has an excuse at 96!
Great post!