Monday, March 19, 2012

Rough Night

*Pours another cuppa*

Hey gang, come on in. Pardon me if I drift off during our visit. Just nudge me if I do. Boy, last night was a rough one. Mister has the sinus infection that began with my daughter two weeks ago. It kicked me in the rump last week and now has my husband in its grip. It is a nasty strain that seems to really like settling in your lungs. Last week I coughed so much and so hard I actually tugged a muscle in my back. Poor Mister has been suffering just as badly with his round of it as I did. Didn`t seem to hit Miss Yodeling quite as hard as it hit us old folks. Darn kids and their youthful systems!

Anydoodles, last night hubby and I hit the sheets at our usual time and then he began to cough. And cough. And cough and cough and cough. I felt so bad for him. He did apologize numerous times about keeping me up, which wasn`t at all necessary. When a person is sick, they`re sick, no need to apologize about things, right? Finally after an hour or so I did inform him that we had some Robitussin that might help. He`s a real stickler for taking anything. Trying to get him to swallow down a couple of aspirin is a chore at times. He relented and took a dose then came back to bed.

“I could feel that cough syrup burning all the way down,” he told me then barked harshly.

“Hopefully you won`t be up in an hour looking for some Mylanta for the reflux,” I said then tried, yet again, to get him to take my wedge to sleep on.

Sometimes getting your head elevated does help. He refused once more my offer of the wonder wedge then grumbled about how much it sucks to get old. I agreed wholeheartedly. Must be eventually he quieted down. Or I was so darned tired I zonked out between bouts of coughs. He was one worn-out looking pup this morning when he left for work. I did ask if he thought he should stay home from work, but you know men. They won`t give into it until they`re close to collapse…or that could just be my husband. Off he went, dragging his rump behind him.

Aside from the festering sinus infection that seems to be grabbing our county, things are pretty quiet around here. Oh! No, that`s not the truth. We did have a very sad occurrence on Saturday. One of our neighbors down the road a bit lost their mobile home in a fire. I`m still trying to find out where the family is and what happened, but I`m taking to heart that I haven`t heard that anyone was seriously hurt in the fire thank goodness.

The fellow that wanted the chicks came with his wife and kids late Saturday to pick them up. I think those peeps are going to be well loved! Now it`s just my five puddle ducks in the stove room. They seemed to handle their chicken buddies leaving with aplomb. The goats are still gestating. I now have the kidding box and clean towels down in the barn. It`s the yearly waiting game that the does always seem to win. Just let us leave that barn for half an hour to eat and when we go back down….

Before I forget to mention it in my drowsy state, I`m very excited to have a new friend of mine coming to my blog on Thursday! Her name is S.M. Boyce, she`s an author and Twitter buddy and has a new book out. Do drop on in on Thursday and meet her! You can check out the awesome giveaways she has running in the link over yonder to the right. Just click on the Litchgate button and have a gander! I hope to have some of my writing friend’s guest blog from time to time, so you can get to know them and perhaps support them as they brave the sometimes choppy waters of the publishing ocean.

Well, I see my geese are feeling their oats this morning. As I write this a gander battle has broken out just under my kitchen window. I wish I had the gumption to honk and flail someone with my wings…if I had wings that is. I guess I`ll head off and see what my fellow bloggers are up to. Maybe I`ll do some writing afterwards. Or, maybe I`ll grab a book and curl up for a good nap…I mean read!


Sharon said...

Isn't it fun - keeping up with the Joneses? (Oh, I just know that's wrong) So many people seem to have the same affliction. Think it's the pollen irritating our nasal cavities and opening the gate!way for some virus or bacteria to come for a visit. It's the same here, cough, cough, sneeze, sniffle, gah

We have been having such lovely weather, too bad it brings this (bleep).

Yep, a nap sounds like a good idea.

Jim said...

That festering sinus infection is also all over Canada! And here in Nova Scotia!! I have it! And you know men! I could go on and on about the 'suffering' it is causing me!!! lol But I won't!

Busy around your place I can see, Vicki, and without enough sleep, I don't know how you 'farmers' do it! Have a good nap today and you'll be back to normal!

Nancy Claeys said...

I don't know about yours, but my hubby is really a big baby when it comes to colds and flu, etc...

Yes the geese are in full swing, aren't they? Ours have split off into two gaggles -- but sometimes the gaggles collide and all hell breaks loose! :)

TexWisGirl said...

sorry for you and your hubby. hope the coughing will settle down, but i know how that hangs on sometimes...

Nezzy said...

Stinkin' crud anyway!!! I do hope you and that man of yours gets to feelin' better! Nothin' like tryin' to sleep when your snottin' and he's a barkin'!!!

Here's sendin' some healin' hugs and prayers your way sweetie! Hopefully tonight will be more peaceful.

God bless and take care girl!!! :o)

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for the well wishes gang! Mister spent last night in the recliner trying to rest. Poor man. He`s about done in...