Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kidding Season Begins

Hi gang! Things are getting busy around here over the past twenty-four hours. Two sets of twins have arrived and by the feel of some of my girls ligaments, more should be hitting the ground any time. Here`s some pics-

Twin bucks born yesterday afternoon-

Twin does just about an hour ago-

What else did I want to pass along before I return to the goat barn?? Oh! Over on the right you`ll see a link for my book trailer! Do check it out if you wish, I`m very proud of it.

And tomorrow my guest blogger S.M. Boyce, rolls on up the driveway of the hillside farm to sit and chat a bit!

Okay, off I go to yank the clothes out of the dryer and then jog back down to the barn. Have a good day all!


TexWisGirl said...

such cuties - your daughter, too. :)

Teresa said...

Beautiful kids! Congratulations!

Millie said...

You've got a great start to kidding. :-)

Texan said...

oh boy! Total cuteness they are!

Sharon said...

They are so cute! Such adorable faces!

Things are hopping now!

V.L. Locey said...

Boy, are things hopping! We had four more kids after those twin does yesterday. I`m almost too pooped to party!

I`ll get the images up for y`all as soon as possible.

Willard said...

It must be an exciting time--they are so cute!