Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did Someone Say Free Book?!?

Yep, they sure did!

Hey there blogging buddies! Tomorrow, March 26th, marks the beginning of my 'Get Your Gods & Goats!' contest. The winner will get a free, yes FREE, autographed copy of my upcoming novel 'Of Gods & Goats'!

The contest will only be run on my Facebook author page, so if you`ve got a hankering to possibly win a free book, do drop in daily and try your hand at the daily questions! Here`s the link to my author page. Hope to see you there!

V.L.Locey Facebook Author Page


Michele Stefanides said...

The books looks so awesome!!! Congratulations!

Sharon said...

Sounds like it might be fun! I sure don't know about all those goats tho. I really do like your trailer.