Monday, February 6, 2012

What to Say, What to Say?

Good morning gang! Come on in, shuck off your coat and I`ll grab a few mugs.

My header kind of speaks for me it seems. I`ve been sitting here, sipping java juice and pondering on what to post. Things here on the hillside farm are rather quiet. The weather has been pretty nice considering. No snow to speak of, rather warm days and chilly nights. It feels more like March or April than early February to be honest! I`ll take every one of these kinds of days old Mother Nature wants to give us!

I saw that the groundhog made his prediction. I knew we`d have six more weeks no matter what a sleepy woodchuck told us. If I were Phil I would be so out-of-sorts! Talk about rude! Being drug out of your nice warm burrow just to see if you cast a shadow! I don`t take kindly to being woken up for silliness, just ask Mister. Last night he and Tinker had a small kerfuffle in the middle of the night about leg room. I woke up like a grizzly, snapping and snarling at both the males. Tinker decided to go sleep with Miss Yodeling. Mister fell backwards and opted to remain quiet. Good thinking on both guys parts.

So, what else? Even though we don`t watch sports I saw this morning that the Giants won the Super Bowl. Congrats to the Giants and their fans! I had been hinting to Mister that I wouldn`t mind watching the game just to see the new commercial for ‘The Avengers’ movie due in May, but, alas, we don`t get network channels so I had to find it online. I did and now my inner comic geek is placated for awhile.

We`re looking at a big birthday coming up at the end of the month! Miss Yodeling will be sixteen. Where those years went I don`t have a damned clue. She`s been studying her drivers manual and is now in drivers education in school. I have mixed feelings. On one hand it will be so nice to simply hand her the keys when she wants to go hang out with her friends. On the other hand, it will be terrifying to hand her the keys when she wants to go hang out with her friends. I`m not sure which of her parents will be worrying the most. Perhaps we`ll both be fretting equally until she comes back home safe and sound.

Hmm, what other news is there to gossip about? *Raises cuppa and sips slowly* Mister and I had our movie and dinner date Saturday night. We have this wonderful restaurant in town, George`s, that serves great food that is reasonably priced. And, they have baklava!! I`ve recently discovered this mouth-watering Grecian dessert and I cannot get enough of it into me! I have to blame this new addiction on my editor. It was her that first placed a dish of baklava in front of me and encouraged me to try some. ‘It`s Greek,’ she cajoled. Well, given what my books are about dare I not try it?! Man alive, a slice of baklava and a fresh cup of coffee is like being upon Olympus I kid you not!

On the critter news…… there isn`t much news to report, everyone is just doing their thing. The goats are getting bigger and bigger. The geese are starting to get pushy with each other. Well, the ganders have broken into a few squabbles over the past week or two. Wheatley, the turkey poult, is doing well and getting bigger all the time. My chickens have started to develop a bad habit and I might have to do something about it. Someone in the henhouse is eating eggs. I am not pleased. I have to guess that they`re lacking in protein or perhaps calcium. I have started giving them oyster shells in case it’s the calcium they`re seeking. If that doesn`t stop their pilfering I may have to try something else. Not only is it a darn waste of eggs when I have people waiting for them, but the eggs left in the nest-box are a fright! Covered with dried yolk that is like concrete to try to wash off. Ugh. Some little henny is going to get a firm finger wag if I find out which one it is let me tell you!

Other than that, I don`t one darn thing exciting to relay. Winter is such a blasé time isn’t it? Methinks I`ll go freshen up me cup and see what everyone else in blog-land has been up to! Oh! Before I mosey off, a yodel of welcome to Hilary Lesch! Welcome to the wacky, and sometimes downright boring, hillside farm!

Man, wish I had some baklava to go with this coffee………..


Michele Stefanides said...

You're just now discovering baklava? Oh honey (no pun intended), you've been so deprived! Greek food is one of my favorites. The second best thing for me on my trip to Greece was the food, awesome. (The first best thing was all the ancient sites.) I'll have to cook for you sometime.

Jim said...

Look what you started! I LOVE Greek food!!! Any and all of it! Especially Baklava! There must be Greek in my DNA!
Our winter is nothing to speak of either....come on spring so we can get into the garden.
Thanks for dropping by today.

V.L. Locey said...

Hey Jim & Michele!

Yes, I just discovered baklava and am addicted! Next I`m going to try some of the other meals on the menu at George`s.

I have this plan that when I sell enough books, I`ll be able to pay for a trip to Greece for Mister and me. Or, a nice Greek dinner at the least! *Wink*

HilyBee said...

Baklava is amazing! A bit of a pain to make at times, but totally worth it. *crossing fingers* Hoping your egg problems is figured out easily. That's not fun!

Sall's Country Life said...

Me too! That baklava looks really good and a cup of coffee sounds great. I gave it up a couple months ago due to high blood pressure, now I'm really getting a hankerin'! Glad everyone on the farm is enjoying a mild winter, hope you can get that egg eater under control!

V.L. Locey said...

Howdy Hilybee & Sal!

I hope I can find out which of my girls is the egg thief as well. Of course, could be one of the roosters I suppose.....

small farm girl said...

Great, now I want some baklava. I LOVE baklava. lol

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I'm on a diet and you have to mention the "B" word. Damn you, Vickey! :)

Our geese are getting cranky too. They think it's spring.

Carol............. said...

Ah, sticky sweet and yummy treat!

LOVE it!

You have new babies! (Last post).
I'm envious.... I'll have to wait till April.