Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word of Mouth - Blood Bound

Hey there all! Time to nosh about another book! I sure am glad to be back in my reading groove. I really miss my books when I can`t get to them. This time around, we`ll be chatting about the first novel in a new series by Rachel Vincent titled ‘Blood Bound.’

I readily admit to being a big fan of Ms. Vincent`s ever since I picked up book one of her ‘Shifter’ series. So I was very excited to get my hands on this latest novel. ‘Blood Bound’ is a new heroine and hero in a new world. A world that is very different from most. In this world, there are people who are known as ‘Skilled’. They possess the power to track by the scent of blood, find you by your name, bind you to contracts or walk through the shadows from one place to another. You know that dark space under your bed? That creepy inkiness that scared you as a kid when you would peek downward? In the world of Olivia Warren, you make sure you have that space well lit or you just may find someone crawling out from under your mattress.

Liv Warren is another wonderful character brought to us by Ms. Vincent. She is tough, makes her own rules and has learned over the years not to trust anyone. Liv is a paranormal tracker. She can find you with just one drop of blood over great distances. Things get complicated quickly when the daughter of one of her childhood friends goes missing. Liv is compelled to help thanks to an oath made when she was young. She cannot rest until the child is found. And this throws her right into the path of her former lover Cam Caballero, a man who is forbidden to her for reasons even he isn`t aware of. Cam also is skilled. He is a name-tracker and in the employ of the underworld boss that is in competition with the man Liv is bound to. Yeah, star-crossed doesn`t even begin to describe these two!

The two find themselves racing to save the child from two warring syndicates that rule this dark world. Liv and Cam have to move through lies, secrets, danger, drama and traumas, hopefully figuring out what dark secrets surround this missing girl before more blood begins to flow.

As with the ‘Shifter’ series, I found myself growing attached to Liv and Cam rapidly. The action and suspense are top-notch. The pace is perfect throughout. It is really hard for an author to give us a new world, but Ms. Vincent does an excellent job of introducing us to the skilled people who move throughout the book. She doesn`t rush or push, she simply lets the story revolve around Liv and you soon find yourself cheering for this woman. And of course, let us not forget to touch upon the bed-play! It is hot, tender and well-suited for the tale. There isn`t a ton of sex, but what we get is superbly written.

The only thing I could find fault with in this novel is the switching between Liv and Cam. Most books that I`ve read that are in first-person stay with one character. This one goes back and forth. It was really confusing for me at first, and I had to stop reading and try to figure out what was happening. Once I got into the groove, then it was fine, and added a nice touch to be able to get inside Cam`s head as well as Liv`s.

If you`re a fan of the paranormal realm, then I recommend ‘Blood Bound’ by Rachel Vincent. And just to be certain, make sure you have the closet light on when you go to sleep.


Texan said...

This book is right down my alley. Gosh when have I had time to read, sighhh. I have a dozen paranormal on the shelf now to read.

One of these days I will start in and I won't come up for air till I have blown through at least nine of them LOL

Willard said...

An excellent review. I think reading is my favorite past time during the winter, next to wildlife photography. I am usually reading a book while waiting for the wildlife to appear in fact.

Nezzy said...

You sure know how to write up a bang up review girl. Even though I'm not a great paranormal fan...I want to read this book!!!

I try to catch up on my readin' in the winter months...sure don't have the time in the summers!!! Heeheheh!

God bless ya and have a warm fuzzy kinda day sweetie!!! :o)

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks gang! There`s not a better way to spend a winter day then curled up with a good book!