Thursday, January 26, 2012

Odds and Ends and Egg Shucks

Howdy bloggers! Stomp the snow off your boots and let me put a fresh pot on!

Today`s post is a little bit of everything post, since the winter humdrums have moved in. You know? It`s too cold, too grey, too snowy, too icy or just too blah to do anything outside. So, I figured I`d try to catch up on the other stuff that keeps us chugging along.

First, I have to relay the egg shuck story. For those of you who don`t speak Pennsylvania mountain dialect, an egg shuck is the same as an egg shell piece. Egg shucks are a constant source of trouble for Mister. My husband is one of those people who, if something foreign or unknown is in cake, stew, kettle of soup or any other large serving of food, it will be him that finds the foreign matter. Now, generally, if I do happen to come upon something in my food that shouldn`t be there, I discreetly spit the unknown substance into my napkin and move on with my meal. Especially if I`m eating at someone else`s house.

Not my husband.

He must remove said offending matter and dissect it, muttering about it being in his food and then complain to the food preparer, which, nine out of ten times is me. Last week I cooked up a dozen eggs for egg salad. We had about ten dozen eggs in the fridge, so, yeah, time for egg salad. I did wash the eggs off after peeling them, cross my heart. Fresh eggs are notoriously difficult to peel as many of you who have chickens know. I thought they were clean. I guess I missed some. *Rolls eyes*

That night at dinner, of course, who finds the egg shuck in his sandwich? Yep. My hubby. After a performance that should have him in contention for a ‘Best Male Lead in a Dramatic Role’ Oscar, he looked across the table and grumbled about how I should be more careful about egg shucks. Since my daughter was at the table, I could not say what I wished to say about egg shucks and where he could place them.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. Mister decides he wants to bake a cake. I don`t ask, I just gladly accept the offer and continue writing or editing or any of the countless other things I need to do to get my book closer to publication. (We`ll touch on the book news in just a minute) He gets his cake made and in the new oven Santa brought me.

Skip ahead a few more hours to dinner. Dessert time rolls around! Oh boy, what a fine looking cake he had made! Even the icing was nicely swirled. We dive in, and what happens when he places that first forkful into his mouth?? You got it! He spits out an egg shuck. At this juncture I merely lift my eyes from my square of yellow cake and stare at him, eyebrows raised. He sheepishly mumbles something under his breath while a smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. It`s amazing how after twenty years we don`t even need to speak to get our point across.

Now that the egg shuck story is done, onto other news! A month ago we set eight turkey eggs. You may recall I pooh-poohed the idea, saying they would never amount to anything and the tom could not be fertile, etc. and etc. After candling three times, we`ve removed six of the eight eggs. Two are now out of the turner, wiggling and giggling and peeping. I figured I`d be fair and say that Mister was right and I was mistaken. There. That should placate him about the egg shuck story when he reads it later.

Book news! I am very close to submission I`m thrilled to relay! I`m now waiting on some last minute cover tweaks to be completed and then off it goes to the printer. I must confess that my nerves are starting to jangle a bit. Placing your work out there for the world to read is a huge step. I know that some folks will love it and others will hate it. I understand that and accept it. I do hope most folks enjoy it when it`s available though.

I`m still working out the details on the print version of ‘Of Gods & Goats’ and where it will be available for purchase. As soon as the kinks are worked out, I`ll let y`all know. If anyone wishes a personalized autographed copy, contact me either here, on my Facebook author page or regular Facebook page. I will be happy to sign it to you and ship it. I have yet to do the e-book conversion, but that will come along soon. I`m hoping to make it available on SmashWords, and will, of course, let everyone here in blog-land know where and when they can upload or download (whichever one does for their e-reader) their copy. I also now have an author page on Facebook that I wanted to link you guys to.

V.L. Locey Facebook Author Page

We`re doing some fun things like trivia questions, images and chat about Greek gods and goats....and there is a rumor in the air that soon a contest will be held for a free, autographed copy of my book! Do stop in, give it a ‘like’ and say howdy!

I think that`s about if for news from here. Now, I`m off to catch up with what`s happening with my blogging buddies. Oh! Before I forget, a big yodel of welcome goes to Christie Martin! Welcome to the hillside farm, Christie!


Texan said...

LOL on the egg shuck story! Yep it is amazing how after a certain number of years a couple can communicate without a word ROFL.

I am so excited for you on your book!!!!!

Teresa said...

That sounds like my dad and the cherry pits. He always seems to find the one left in the pie!

TexWisGirl said...

egg shucks. definitely hadn't been familiar with that term before. :)

congrats on the book!

V.L. Locey said...

Ha! Yes, cherry pits are just as bad, if not worse!

Thanks for the congrats on the book gang!

Jim said...

Love the egg shuck story! Not getting too many fresh from the hen eggs around here, what we do to make the peeling more easy is to run the hot cooked eggs under cold does work 99% of the time. Now for the raw egg shucking/cracking, that's a whole different story.
I am not on FB. I know, just haven't the need as of yet. But, I would like a copy of your book when it is available.My email is:

Please let me know and I will give you address etc. Thanks and GOOD LUCK with it. I can see that you would be very excited about all this!

Patrice said...

I've never heard the term egg shuck. Congratulations on your book. I wish you every success! I hope to hear those words about my writing one day.:)

Charlotte said...

Well I learned a new term for egg shells. Very funny story. I'm glad he found it and not you. Congratulations on all the writing projects. I'll check it out and watch for the give away.

V.L. Locey said...

Yep, we seem to have our own terms for things up here in the hills of Pennsylvania.

I do have your e-mail addy jotted down, Jim, and will let you know when the book is ready to be shipped. Thanks for the order!

Thank you all for your well wishes on the novel. *Hugs*