Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Fifty Degree Day in Early January?!

I`ll take every single one of them I can get! Come on in gang, kick off your Muck boots and grab a mug!

What a glorious day it is here in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania! The sun is shining, the breeze is soft and I even have a few windows open. Thank you Mother Nature! After a couple days of brutal cold this respite is much appreciated. Aside from the weather, things here are running about as they usually do. We still have a turkey that thinks it`s April. Mister plans on candling his eggs in the incubator tonight, so I`ll let y`all know if any are fertile or not. The goats are just hanging out, gestating. We`re due to kid out in late March/early April so I have a long time to go until I get to hug and smooch new kids. I`m getting twitchy already!

Speaking of the goats, I went down with a baggie full of animal crackers the other day, in hopes of getting a good snapshot of myself for my author image. That little picture that appears on the back cover of a novel, sometimes with a short bio, was the last thing I had to get together before I submit my manuscript to the publisher. Mister came along as official photographer. Sure, I could have hired a professional, but I wanted the image to be homespun and natural, to reflect the books heroine, the cover art and its author. I just can`t picture me, on the back of my book, looking like a fashion model with poofed-up hair and clad in an evening gown, can you? Here are a few of the out-takes of the photo session. Those girls LOVE their animal
crackers and they don`t mind nipping fingers to get them!

So, what else? Last Sunday my beloved dryer moved to the appliance resting grounds. I cannot fault the old girl. She served me faithfully for over ten years, drying up to ten loads a week. We made a quick run to Beiter`s and carted home a new dryer. This one even has a light inside! Now, I am back in the game. Yippee she typed sarcastically. I swear if I had the money, I would pay someone to do my laundry for me and grocery shop. I hate grocery shopping! Put it in the cart, take it out of the cart to pay, bag it up and put it back in the cart. Take it out of the cart and put it in the truck, take it out of the truck and put it in the house. Take it out of the bags and put it in the cupboards, freezer, fridge or bathroom. Repeat next week! Blech I say!

Wow, I got off on a tangent there. I`ll try to stay on track. Since it was such a nice day today, Miss Yodeling and I went with my MIL over to Wally-World this morning. Mom-in-Law needed some stuff and I guess the money my child got for the holidays was burning a hole in her pocket, so we rode over. I didn`t need anything really, but as usual, I came home with some goodies. I found some new dishtowels with roosters on them, some batteries for Mister and a new green blanket for our bed. Last year Mister gifted me with a bedspread. It was white as fresh snow when I un-wrapped it. Yeah, a year later and you know what that white bedspread looks like now. With two cats and three dogs that have mud radar it wasn`t as white as it had been. I did look for different colors, such as Pennsylvania clay-mud brown, Poe the yellow Lab safflower or Trinity the black Lab ebony, but Wal-Mart doesn`t carry those hues. It was white, light blue or green. I picked green. Let`s hope that it stays neater than the white one did. I guess that`s about all the excitement here on the hillside farm!

Now, I suppose, I`ll go visit with my blogging buddies, finish my laundry and perhaps do a wee bit of writing on the second book in my ‘Gods & Goats’ series. Or maybe I`ll just slip on back and play some X-Box! Or read! Or nap! Or have another cuppa! The day is so full of possibilities!

Enjoy your weekend!


Millie said...

I've never gotten to try animal crackers. Sounds like something for a carnivore, not an herbivore, but your girls look like they are enjoying it. I think my human should let me try it.

Jim said...

We are having a very similar day here in Nova Scotia! Maybe not as warm as you, but very March/April like! I too will take every one of these, thank you very much!
Great shots of you and the goats! Should look good on the back cover!
How exciting it must be to have something you have written to be published.
Thanks for dropping by today and enjoy the weekend!

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Sounds like you've got some good possibilities for things to do today! I'm with you on the grocery shopping. I hate doing it.
Have a great weekend. Best,

V.L. Locey said...

Oh, Millie, you should ask your human for some. My girls adore them!

It`s very exciting, Jim, and very nerve-wracking at the same time!

Isn`t grocery shopping just the pits, Susan??

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

How exciting for you, I mean your book. Love the idea of a casual "this is me" photo for your back cover. :)

Sharon said...

We had rain most of the day with the dogs hiding most of the time.

An at home shot is more common now I thing ball gowns have gone the way of all things...

V.L. Locey said...

I think a nice 'This-Is-Me-Warts-And-All' image reflects me and the book the best. Glad y`all agree!

I don`t think I own a ballgown anyway. The only fancy dress I have is my wedding dress and that sure as shootin` ain`t going to fit! =)

d'Artagnan said...

I love your goats.