Sunday, December 4, 2011

Word of Mouth for Kids - Goddess Girls

I hear jingle-bells! Must be the holiday season is coming on fast and furious, so I`ll leap into another seasonal recommendation for young readers! This time I`ll pass some word of mouth about a truly delightful series for girls in the eight to twelve year range called ‘Goddess Girls’, written by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams.

This series came to my attention, as so many books do, when my dear Indie bookstore owner, Kasey, showed them to me one night at a writers group at her store, which can be found here if you wish to stop in and visit From My Shelf Books.

She placed them on the table and said “Why didn`t we think of this?” and after reading six of the books so far, I`m asking myself the same question! The series is about the Greek gods, but they`ve been made over and now are young kids, most under the age of thirteen, who attend Mount Olympus Academy.

Principal Zeus oversees the academy with his staff, which include among other mythological creatures, a Cyclops that teaches Hero-ology! There are other classes of course, like Beauty-ology, Beast-ology and Revenge-ology, since we all know how well trained Greek goddess are in revenge spells! All the Gods are there, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus, Dionysus and the list goes on and on!

Each book is aimed at young girls and delivers a strong message. In ‘Athena the Brain’ Athena, the smartest girl at MOA, has to learn how to deal with being the new GG (Goddess Girl) in school and how to handle the meanest girl in history – Medusa. In ‘Persephone the Phony’ Persephone learns that going along just to fit in isn`t always the best way to live one’s life. ‘Aphrodite the Beauty’ finds out that sometimes the godboy who`s the cutest and strongest (Ares) isn`t always better than the godboy who is gentle, fun and kind yet uses a cane (Hephaestus). ‘Artemis the Brave’ worries about living up to being called ‘The Brave One’ even though she feels fear when facing Minotaur’s and the smelly Geryon in Beast-ology class. Of course, Artemis discovers the bravery inside her at the end, and also figures out that some godboys, Orion in this case, are just a lot of flash and starry eyes!

I cannot speak highly enough of this series! They are clever and witty, fun and filled with adventure, and are chocked right full of Greek mythos! Anytime a writer (Or in this case, writers) can find a new way to bring the Greek pantheon to life and make it appealing to kids, I am the first to leap into my chariot and ride across the sky announcing it to the mortals below. Ms. Holub and Ms. Williams add a perfect touch to each Goddess Girl, making them relatable and likeable. They each have their own problems and are trying to come to grips with having funny and odd feelings about the godboys in their class, yet, the girls are their own Goddesses, and romance doesn`t overshadow the tone of the books. Well, aside from Aphrodite, but when she and Isis get into a contest to see who the real Goddess of Love is, romance will have to win out, right?

If you have a young lady between the ages of eight and twelve, I think she will love the Goddess Girls series as much as I do!


Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like a great group of books.
Super idea for christmas.


V.L. Locey said...

It`s a very enjoyable series Melinda!

Hobo's Books said...

Thanks for the shout-out for "From My Shelf", and thanks for posting such a great review for this series! I hope it keeps getting a lot of attention, because the children's market is sooooo competitive and too many good books only see a year or two before they go out of print. I'd love to see "Goddess Girls" stick around for a good long time.