Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Confessions of a Gaming Mom

Hello, my name is Vicki, and I`m a video game mom.

*Support group murmurs ‘Hello’*

I play video games, daily if possible. When I buy a game, nine times out of ten, I say it`s for my daughter but it`s for both of us. Add this to my comic book habit and you can plainly see where my mind is most days (Aside from burly Greek gods and winsome goatherders that share a bed with burly Greek gods.)

Sometimes, I play them when my daughter is at school just so I can get an extra hour in slaying dragons, or being slain by dragons, which is most generally what occurs. I know, it`s really an odd past-time for a mother who is up in the ‘Slap a Classic License Plate On Her Fanny’ age range. I blame my video game habit on my mother, who was a gaming mom as well.

Before my daughter was born I can recall spending hours, sitting with my mom playing games on an old Nintendo. She played about as well as I do, but that didn`t really matter. We laughed and laughed as we struggled to get through a level. I think it was the combination of enjoying game play as much as it was the time spent just sitting beside each other and chatting as we died, repeatedly and in very gory and glamorous ways!

Now, I have my daughter to play with, since my mother passed over several years ago. And, I can see the same bonds forming as we spend time with controller in hand. There are nights that she and I end up in tears as I bumble around, battle axe in hand, trying to take down giants and mammoths only to end up as paste. As we play, we`ll chat, much like my mother and I used to, about everything and nothing.

*Stops talking and ponders for a moment*

You know, I came to this group in hopes of maybe finding a way to curb my video game habit. I mean, is it wrong to want to get ‘Assassins Creed - Revelations’ for a Christmas present as much as my teenager does? I thought that it might have been, but after coming here and voicing my concerns, I see that it isn`t wrong, or odd, or even weird. There are good things to be said about gaming and I think I just stumbled upon one. The time spent with your child.

Sure, some folks allow the game system to replace interaction time with their kids, and that`s not good. But if you can share something, especially with a teen that is going through the turbulence of high school, and if you can spend an hour or two just sharing day to day stuff…..then it isn`t a problem at all, is it?

So, I guess I don`t need this support group. All I need is another box of rechargeable batteries, my Nord warrior and a few hours spent giggling with my daughter.

And that copy of ‘Assassins Creed - Revelations’, of course.


A big yodeling welcome to Jim! Thanks for coming up the hill, hope you enjoy your visit!


Melodie said...

Time with your kiddo is the most important,doesn't matter what it is! The Boy would love for me to play with him but I can't...he will play the old Mario with me on the Wii and even at that I am bad. I do listen to him talk about the upcoming games and watch the trailers with him.He is already playing Assassin's Creed and loves it!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I used to play Sega (Mortal Kombat) with my youngest son -- who killed/beat me every time. I remember the giggles, pretend hurt feelings and smiles of those days. Enjoy them! :)

Prairie Cat said...

I used to play video games with my parents all of the time, until the N64 came out and they decided the controller had 12 too many buttons.

I think it's great... playing the Harvest Moon series with my mom was a major influence on me. It made me excited about farm life and gardening while living in the middle of a city. And now I bought my first house with 9 acres and some chickens to boot! Who would have thought. :)

Texan said...

I think its great you play games with your DD. Those will be times you guys always remember! Besides games are just fun and they aren't just for kids lol. Doesn't matter if they are old fashion cards and board games or the new techy stuff :O). Let the games begin!