Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bear Necessities

Howdy gang! Boy, it`s been awhile. Come on in and have a fresh cuppa!

Sorry I`ve been so sparse over the past week. Life has just been one big pain-in-the-rear, tossing one thing after another at me, but, onward we must climb, correct?!

I`ve always been a person that tries to not let life`s trials pull me down too low, so aside from a few illnesses (Miss over the weekend, Mother-In-Law having knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and Mister struggling with a staph infection in his leg) we do have some uplifting things to relay! Sometimes you have to shove the grey clouds aside to find the sunshine, but it`s always there!

First off is this!

Mister got this bruin on Tuesday morning before he left to go with his sister and mother to Williamsport for her surgery. (Ma is doing fine and will be moving to a nursing home nearby for a few weeks of rehab tomorrow!)

Now this girl isn`t the biggest bear in the woods I`m sure, but she sure was a trophy for hubby, since she was his first bear AND he took her with a bow. She weighed in around 150 live weight, which isn`t too shabby. We had a WCO come out and do what they do with bears when the stations are set up during rifle season. He pulled a tooth and measured her. We had a nice chat with the fellow when he was here. After letting her hang for a day yesterday we had the fun job of skinning her out for a rug.

Mister has lots of experience from his trapping days with raccoons and such, but he`s never done a bear for a rug. I`ll make sure to show you all how the rug looks when it comes back from the taxidermist. As for the skinless bear, you don`t want to see it. It looks like some sort of zombie dog from a horror movie! We did keep some of the tenderloins, so that will be a new taste experience!

What else is new? The writing for NaNoWriMo is coming along really well and I`m hoping to have reached my goal within the next few days. Then hopefully I can devote a bit more time to my poor dusty blog. Oh! This weekend we`re going to be butchering our meat turkeys for Thanksgiving, so I plan to take my camera along and show y`all how we dress out our holiday bird! I can already taste it….*Drifts off into carbohydrate overload fantasy*

So, that`s the news from the hillside farm, what`s new on your spread?


Brenda said...

Congratulations on the bear! Bear meat is delicious. My dad went bear hunting way up north one year and we all got to sample the meat. Really good!

Sharon said...

Busy week! Congratulations Mr. Yodeling on your first bear! You must be pleased as punch! I would love to see the rug when it is finished!

Jim said...

What can I say? Congrats on the bear! I am not at all familiar with slicker, you see. But I can hear the excitement in your voice. Does bear have it's own taste? Dumb question, I know!
Thanks for sparing us the photos of the skinned bear. Mighty thoughtful of ya! lol
Thanks for dropping by today.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks all! I`ll pass the congratulations along to Mister. =)

Michele Stefanides said...

Congrats to Mister on his bear. See, this city girl is learning how to live proper in the country! First thing my husband said is it will make a nice rug. Might make some nice inspiration for some of your "love"ly writing! Hope all of you are feeling way better soon1

Willard said...

Congratulations on his successful hunt. I heard someone shoot three times yesterday and it turned out that they saw four bears going through the woods and didn't connect with their shots.

Also we had a bear kill two or three of the neighbor's horses lately, or at least he suspects it was a bear as the tracks were there and he doesn't know what else it could be.