Friday, October 7, 2011

Word of Mouth - Rogue and Pride

Morning gang, have a sit and we`ll pass along some word of mouth! This time around we`ll be chatting about two books both written by Rachel Vincent, ‘Rogue’ and ‘Pride’ which are books two and three in The Shifters series.

I decided to read them back to back and review them both as they flow wonderfully from book two, ‘Rogue’ into book three, ‘Pride’. I am ordering the fourth and fifth books, ‘Prey’ and ‘Shift’ as soon as possible because I literally am beside myself wondering what happens with Faythe Sanders next! You may recall from the previous review I did about ‘Stray’ that Faythe Sanders is one of a very few female werecats in the United States. Tabbies, as the female`s are called, are quite rare and highly cherished members of their pride. They are constantly guarded by their fathers, usually the Alpha of their pride, and other high ranking toms that are called enforcers.

Faythe is a different breed of cat than most tabbies. She is determined to maintain her independence in a society that has yet to step from the fifties in terms of how women are viewed. She left her pride, and the tom she loved Marc, to go to college in the first book. She ended up returning to her father`s ranch in Texas and now works for her father as the first female enforcer. Which means she has a lot to prove to not only her Alpha, but every other tom in the country, but Faythe can handle the job!

In book two, ‘Rogue’, she`s smack dab in the middle of a mystery that has dead strays (non-pride toms) turning up all over her pride`s territory. She comes to find out that one small indiscretion back in her college days will now return to literally bite her on her furry rump. Things begin to really tighten up when she begins to suspect that the dead strays are somehow connected to a rash of missing human women and that all the bodies can possibly be laid at her feet-paws-well, you get the gist!

In book three, ‘Pride’, we find out that not only has the indiscretion that occurred in Faythe`s past reared up and clawed her but she now is on trial for her life. During the trail, which takes place in Montana, Faythe discovers that a rogue stray is terrorizing the mountainside looking for a wild teenage tabby. That they discover this teen tabby unguarded and alone in the Rockies is shocking enough but then they have to try to work out what happened to two missing human hikers before the existence of werecats and their world are exposed. The tension is incredible as Faythe struggles to protect the vulnerable tabby, counteract the scheming territorial counsel that is trying to decide her fate and figure out what this ambitious stray is planning.

Miss Vincent has done a wonderful job with the series so far. Faythe is a sexy, sassy, strong young woman that instantly appeals to the reader. The plots are tighter than a banjo string; the tension builds and builds throughout the two books until you are hurrying to reach the tear-jerker of a conclusion on the last page of ‘Pride.’ I honestly wept when I read that last page. That is how deeply involved I became with Faythe and Marc`s rocky relationship. There are some hot bedroom encounters with Faythe and Marc that satisfied my need for spice very nicely. The sex is hot and honest but doesn`t overtake the storyline in any way, which is how it should be.

What I am enjoying most of all about the Shifter series though is watching Faythe grow up. With each book we witness this brash headstrong young woman mature bit by bit and if there is one thing I LOVE it`s character development. If you`re a fan of the shape-shifting genre please grab this series, you won`t be disappointed.


Nezzy said...

Oh girl, thanks so much for the great review. I'm always on the hunt for good books this time of year for my winter readin' list. Ya know..for those days it's too dang nasty for anything but grab a great read by the fire.

God bless ya and have a wonderful weekend sweetie!! :o)

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