Monday, October 17, 2011

Love Is In The Air

And so was something else! Howdy gang, come on in and we`ll sit a spell!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend? Ours was damp but nice just the same. We seem to be stuck in this funky weather pattern here in the Laurel highlands. We get a couple nice days then we get a few days of rain. I hope this pattern changes before the really cold air arrives or we`ll be up to our keister`s in snow! But enough with the snow worries, right? This weekend marked the beginning of ‘The Love Fest’ for our goats. Yes indeed, this is the weekend that my buck Auron has patiently (If you call screaming in Nubian at the top of your lungs patient) for weeks – Nay, months – for.

First we did a clean-out of the goat barn because once the white stuff piles up, we can`t haul the manure. And secondly, everyone likes a nice clean place for romance, am I right?

Some of ladies were wondering why we were snazzing things up.

After the barn was clean and smelled of fresh bedding things were all in place for caprine lovey-dovey. Sunday morning we rounded up the two Sable`s and the LaMancha. Those three ladies had reservations at my friend’s farm with some handsome fellows of their own breed. The love train is pulling into the station!

Miss picked a fine looking guy for her beloved LaMancha Freya, and this strapping fellow will be the one to make whoopee with the Sable does. I gave Jennifer a firm speech about accepting the gentleman`s suit and waiting to come home and give her attentions to my Nubian buck. This is the strapping Sable buck that Jennifer is slated to romance.

The arrival of new girls really got this pen of bucks attention!

She has been known to do this in the past. If she listens to my words or not remains to be seen but she had better! Not that I don`t enjoy the love children as much as I do the papered ones, but for showing purposes, the truer the kids are to breed standards the better. And that last little Oopsie looks decidedly more like a Nubian than a Sable with his long ears.

While we were over at Marcia`s Miss took the time to cuddle with a new addition to Marcia`s barn.

Ain`t he just adorable?? She also had a litter of kittens that I was eying, and smooching, but I didn`t come home with one! It was tough though let me tell you. I can easily see myself being an old woman with sixteen cats inside the house and a herd of goats outside. Heck, I`m already half-way there!

When we returned home it was time to lead the big man and his half-Nubian/half-Sable sidekick down to the barn. Actually, it was more a case of Auron leading Mister! Ares followed along, wondering what all the fuss was about. Silly wethers I`m sure Auron was thinking. Well, maybe he wasn`t thinking about the wether that kept him company all summer. His mind was on something else I am sure.

Sadly, I didn`t get any pictures of Auron and the ladies. The darn batteries on my camera died. *Frowns* I`ll try to snap some over the next few days. There is nothing funnier than a buck with his tongue hanging out sideways! Or maybe it`s just me and my offbeat sense of humor? Also I really want to apologize about the quality of my pictures lately. My old, and beloved, digital camera got broken. *Gives icy look at Mister and Miss* during a round of rough-housing and I ran to buy another one. This camera I have now is a cheapy and it shows. I plan on asking Santa for a new one though, so hopefully those images will improve after the holidays.

So what did you guys and gals do over the weekend??


Sharon said...

Hoping you get some cute kids out of the mix! Planned parenthood... makes you think, huh?

Carol............. said...

Just too funny..the LOVE TRAIN.

Looks like you did get a lot done around your place. Around here we do more fall cleaning than spring cleaning also.

Willard said...

An interesting and humorous story of farm life.

I hope Santa comes through with a new camera!