Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I`m a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Morning all! Step carefully around the mud and come on in for a fresh cuppa!

I have to wonder where Monday went. Anyone see it? I know it was around here just yesterday but now it`s gone and this entry is late. I had all good intentions of sitting down yesterday to catch y`all up on the weekend happenings but somehow I lost Monday and now it`s Tuesday. Ah well, better late than never as my Granny used to say, right?

Let`s see, what kept us busy? *Sips java and tries to recall* Well first off it rained, which for us here in the highlands of PA, seems to be a daily and ongoing occurrence. Mister was stuck inside for most of the weekend. That`s usually not a good thing since that man being forced to sit and do nothing leads to various and sometimes snippy comments, most from me I admit it. I love the man dearly but a bored husband under foot is….. well…..a bored husband under foot. You ladies can relate I`m sure. Run the vacuum and there he is in the recliner giving you sour looks because he has to put the foot-rest up. Sit down to read and there he is asking you about something he saw on an old Al Pacino flick. (No, I don`t recall the name of that movie where Mr. Pacino was the devil.) Pull out the laptop to write and there he is, asking well meaning questions about what you`re working on and how it`s going and why are you cussing commas and what are all those red marks on the rough draft.

So, to give the poor man something to do we brewed up two huge kettles of stewed tomatoes.

These are for a buddy of Mister`s and are loaded with onions and hot peppers. Old Feral here with her ARD refused to even taste them but they sure did make the house smell good as they were cooking!

We did get a small amount of work done on the back porch. We`re closing it in for the winter in hopes that it will keep the snow and ice from blowing in and also to give us a sheltered place to butcher when it`s time to do that massive Hereford. Unfortunately we could only get a few boards in place due to the steady deluge. The turkeys came over to help and were booted as quickly as they were seen stepping foot on the newly washed flooring.

Honestly, they are worse than kids. One of the hens was caught trying to eat the screws in the drill box. Another was discovered attempting to peck through a trash-bag that had yet to be taken to the shed. I think they`re glowering at Mister in the picture since they would have rather been lounging where it was dry.

Sunday my editor and I had a nice meeting and I now have the first edited version of my rough draft for ‘Of Gods & Goats’ back home! *Breaks into happy goatherder clog dance* She was very impressed with the story and thankfully no major revisions are needed for flow or storyline. I was pretty nervous to be honest when I dropped it off. I know that we`re supposed to have faith in our ability but still, I was anxious about having an independent and highly skilled teacher (Over forty years she has under her belt) going over my book with her fine-toothed comb. It felt like when I was back in high school and turned in a paper that I had worked really hard on, you know that feeling I`m sure. Now I`m staring at a pile of paper with those dreaded red pen marks, showing me where those consabbit commas are supposed to be! Darn commas anyways. It`s a good thing I didn`t pay her by the missed comma or I`d be broke!

But this is part of the process. Once I get things tidied and tightened then it goes back to her for another round of editing then once we both are pleased with it, it will be time to send the book to the publisher. I`m still waiting for the artists that were interested to finish their work and show me their rough sketches for the cover as well but hopefully they should have something completed soon.

So that is why I`m a day late and a dollar short – it`s all the fault of those commas!


Paula said...

Oooohh~ the stewed tomatoes look so yummy... but like you, I couldn't dare even taste-test them because of ARD. *Sigh*
Your book sounds like it's coming along~ how exciting!

TexWisGirl said...

The Devil's Advocate - with Keaunu Reeves. :)

congrats on the first editing round!

Sharon said...

Have you ever noticed that you can smell the heat in those concoctions that the guys like so well?

1st edit done, yeah! I have never been good, about where the commas go.

Have a great day - as you can see, I am a day late too!

Jim said...

Damn commas! I tend to overuse them myself as I do with most punctuation. How exciting for you Vicki....the process can be arduous I'm sure but the result, well, I can hear you now!
Have a great weekend.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Wishing you good luck on your book process! So exciting. :)