Monday, October 10, 2011

Ears, Artists and Fall Fun

Good morning gang! The pots fresh and the sugar bowl and creamer are filled, come on in and have a sit-down!

I hope everyone had a good weekend? Ours here on the hillside farm was busier than usual but it was fun busy, which is quite a bit more fun than work busy. Friday afternoon my buddy from high school dropped in for a visit. It`s so much fun to catch up with Judi and George and spend time strolling down memory lane. Although, there are some memories that I wish my eager-eared child didn`t overhear. Why is it that when you`re calling teenagers to come do some work they can`t hear well, but when someone is telling tales about you when you were sixteen and chasing after that good-looking blond guy up the block, those teen ears pop open wide?

As I was gabbing away with George and Judi Mister and Miss ran over to the high school to cheer on our team for the homecoming game. They won!! Yippee!! Go CV!! Of course the homecoming game means that the semi-formal homecoming dance is the next night. We had done our shopping a few weeks ago and so that freed us up for a jaunt to Elmira Saturday to attend my first ever comic con!

Man howdy, was I excited! My comic man, Jared, had worked his butt off to set it up and it was a huge success! There were artists galore and writers selling their independent comics. Also I got to meet and chat with Khoi Pham, an artist from Marvel comics. He was a delightful man, witty and pleasant and signed one of the comics he had drawn for me. Well, not just for me, there was a long line to meet and greet a famous artist of course. Here is a sample of his work for you non-comic folks. This is actually the cover of the comic that he autographed for me -

I know, right? He is REALLY talented. I would have shown you pictures of Mr. Pham and me as we chatted but I gave my daughter the camera and asked her to snap a few shots. When I was skipping – I mean walking to the car where Mister was waiting (All that comic nerdiness is hard for him to handle at times) I asked her if she got some good shots. She blinked at me. What she was looking at through the viewfinder I cannot say, probably cute comic guy fans, but it was not me or that Marvel artist. Kids. Sheesh. Aside from the lack of pictures it was a great time. Thanks to Jared for giving us fans such a wonderful day!

After we got home from the comic con we got busy with chores and Miss then got herself all loverly for the homecoming dance. She had a good time we were told on the ride home.

I spent Sunday doing the housework I had tossed aside for important things, like comic cons. I got the bed stripped and then commenced to do five loads of wash, run the vacuum, clean the cat box and whittle down more of the edits on my book. I think after I post this I`ll get back to fixing my boo-boos and hopefully by the time Mister gets home today, the first round of corrections should be done! *Crosses fingers, toes and eyes* Damn….it`s hard to type when you`re all crossed up.

So, how was your weekend?


Sharon said...

Sounds very exciting - except for the missing photos.

TexWisGirl said...

you are such a comic geek. :)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

And who doesn't love a comic geek? lol :)

The Phoenix Rising said...

I never got into collecting comics even though I was huge on super heroes growing up.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Book?! I've been missing a few things here, methinks! What a fun and exciting weekend! Happy Monday :) -Tammy

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

I cannot deny it, I am a comic nerd. =)

Willard said...

I enjoyed the story. As one of our local characters would have said, "Yer gonna hafta give that gurl a talkin' to so she ain't a missin' those onct in a lifetime shots! Glad to hear the book is coming along well. I have to get the next elk video started and it is hard. So far all I can get done is organize footage.