Thursday, September 15, 2011

Word of Mouth-The Throne of Fire

Good golly another book read and looking to be reviewed! They sure are going fast and that is a pretty good sign that I`m enjoying the novel. This time around I`ll be passing along some word of mouth about the second book in ‘The Kane Chronicles’ series by my hero in all things mythological, Rick Riordan. We`ll be chatting about ‘The Throne of Fire.’

Now you all know I have a deep love of Greek mythos and that leads me into other realms of ancient gods as well. Norse deities are right up there with Egyptian in my number two ‘Gotta Get Me Some Gods’ love. Mister Riordan once more steps up to bat and smacks one out of the ballpark. On our second journey with Sadie and Carter Kane things don`t slow down one bit!

This time around our two intrepid heroes are out to try to bring Ra, the king of gods, back to life. Not a small trick for anyone, let alone two teens! Oh, did I mention they have a time table of perhaps three days to accomplish this feat and are constantly battling dark forces, Egyptian gods that don`t want Ra back and an evil magician that could give He Who Must Not Be Named a run for his wicked cash?! If they fail, the evil Chaos snake Apophis will arise and the world will cease to exist. Typical run of the mill adventure for any of Mister Riordan`s characters. Maybe if the two wise-cracking tellers of this tale knew where to look for Ra, it might make things easier! But first they have to find three scrolls and learn how to chant the spells correctly……Same old, same old for Carter and Sadie.

On this journey the brother and sister team are aided by the Egyptian god of dwarves, Bes. Oh but did I fall in love with Bes! He is funny, crass, witty, loyal and one heck of a BOO-er! Mister Riordan has a wonderful gift for taking these old gods and crafting them into characters anyone in this day and age can relate to. I know…..this series is aimed at young readers some of you may be saying. So what? Just because it is aimed at middle school kids does not mean adults can`t enjoy the work. Don`t let that YA heading make you miss this adventure gang! The plot is tight; the story flows gracefully and is filled with action, humor, sadness and wit. It keeps you turning page after page just to see how our duo of descendants from the House of Light will fare.

I recommend ‘The Throne of Fire’ to any reader, regardless of age, if they`re seeking a thrill ride of a book.

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