Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Word of Mouth-Moon Called

Howdy gang, time for more word of mouth. My To-Read pile is dwindling, looks like another trip to my local indie bookstore is soon in order! Today we`ll be chatting about the first book in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, ‘Moon Called.’

I found this series via Facebook when I spied a little advertisement along the right-hand side of my Farmville screen. Guess those ads really work. What else is there to do while you`re waiting for your virtual farm to load? Usually my reads come from friends, Kasey and Kevin my darling bookstore owner`s or reading other reviews so I was intrigued and yet rather skeptical about Moon Called. My skepticism has been laid to rest and I plan on picking up the rest of the series-Blood Bound, Iron Kissed and Bone Crossed.

Moon Called introduces us to Mercy Thompson, a mechanic that is also a shape-shifter. What I liked about Mercy is that she turns not into a wolf, although there are plenty of werewolves skipping about her town, but instead phases into a coyote. It`s something just a little different that grabbed me right off. But it`s the tight plot that kept me hooked and made me keep turning pages. Mercy ends up in all sorts of trouble with assorted witches, vampires, werewolves and other fey sorts when the young drifter who appeared in her shop one day seeking employment ends up dead on her front porch.

Things go from bad to worse when her neighbor, the Alpha of the local pack, has his home torn apart, is almost killed and his human daughter is kidnapped. Did the lone wolf on her porch have any connection to the attack on the Alpha? What do the vampires know about this? Can Mercy aid her handsome neighbor and get to the root of this problem before all hell breaks loose? And what about the man she was in love with back when she was younger and being raised by a differing wolf pack? Those questions move the book along with more and more speed, carrying us from a rather innocent beginning to the must-finish-this-even-if-it-is-midnight conclusion.

This paranormal thriller/mystery brings us a new world of vamps, wolves, witches and shape-shifting beings. There is very little romance in this first book of the series, which was a let-down for me but I`m hoping to see some as the series progresses. For those of you who aren`t into the tawdry bedroom scenes like I am but still love a good twisty book, then this will please wholeheartedly. There are tons of turns and tense moments. The protagonist is instantly likeable. The mystery is tight and compelling and this world that Mercy lives in is unique and rather fresh, even if we are dealing with the usual things that go bump in the night. It`s a very satisfying read (Aside from the lack of nookie) and will keep you spellbound and wishing you too could run free like the coyote.


Jim said...

Hey Vicki!
Thanks for dropping by today and glad you enjoyed Mrs.Enid.
This series sounds interesting. It's been a long time since I've read anything from this genre...I think Anne Rices Interview With a Vampire.

small farm girl said...

I've read these books. Very good!

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Hi Jim! Yes, Mrs. Enid was a hoot!

They are good books aren`t they SFG?

Sharon said...

Good Morning, Vicki!

You sure have been doing a whole lot of reading! ;-)

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Howdy Sharon!

Yeah, I`ve been hitting the books at a good rate lately. =)

d'Artagnan said...

ooooooooo. Looks like a good Halloween read!