Friday, September 2, 2011

Word of Mouth-Heartless

Time again for some word of mouth! We`ll be chatting about the latest book in the Parasol Protectorate series by the delightfully wry Ms. Gail Carriger titled ‘Heartless’.

Honestly, I couldn`t wait to get this latest installment in the series for I feel madly in love with our heroine Lady Alexia Tarabotti Maccon in the three previous books. Sometimes as a series progresses though the author seems to drift. That is not the case with ‘Heartless’ let me assure you! Ms. Carriger returns, as does her VERY pregnant protagonist, with a vengeance and a parasol that would put James Bond`s gadget man Q to shame!

This time around Alexia finds herself embroiled in things and amazingly it isn`t her fault. A ghost has come to the soulless one with a threat against the queen. Alexia, being the woman that she is, dashes right into the thick of things. She has to deal with a possible link to her dashing and so very appealing werewolf husband`s past, a sister that has come to live with them that has joined, of all things, the suffragette movement ( Gasp!), a horde of zombie porcupines and a French inventor`s possibly dangerous mechanical invention. All this of course has to be dealt with while carrying about her ‘infant inconvenience’ and stopping for tea and treacle tarts whenever possible!

Will Alexia be able to work out who is plotting to kill Queen Victoria in time? Are those cagey vampires behind this plot again? Could there be a furry traitor in the Woolsey Pack? What is now residing in Lord Akeldama`s second best closet? And will her bustle survive intact when all is said and done?

This book will answer all the above queries and will do so with impeccable manners and a deftly tied cravat. Ms. Carriger delivers the goods and then some with her fourth outing into this engaging and steampunk rich world. The pace never stops to allow us, or poor waddling Alexia, time to catch a breath. The world that Ms. Carriger has created is superb and richly detailed and the characters…Oh the characters!! I will say it now Lord Akeldama, that foppish vampire with a monocle to match every waistcoat he owns, has completely stolen my heart! And he is a secondary character!

Alexia and Lord Maccon are a lovely and loving couple, the romance is light and fluffy and their banter is wickedly proper yet conveys how very much they adore each other. I cannot recommend this series enough to my friends! If you`re looking for a supernatural comedy with a dash of steampunk and a refreshing romance, look no further than ‘The Parasol Protectorate’!

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