Monday, September 12, 2011

Veggie Tales

Good morning gang! Drop on down and have a fresh cuppa while we jaw.

We goatherder`s have been keeping busy now that the garden is ready. Seems we no sooner get one batch of tomato`s stewed down and there are more waiting. That`s all for the good though, especially given what a crazy growing season we had. First it was so dry we feared everything would shrivel up, then the monsoons set in and we feared everything would drown! Over the past week we did get some of our silver queen in the freezer. Doesn`t that garden fresh corn always taste SO good in the dead of winter? Kind of like macaroni salad in January. You know, you eat salad all summer and get tired of it but by the time January comes you`re really hungry for macaroni salad!

Yesterday we trundled to the corn patch for another wagon-load.

Good thing we had gotten what we wanted because it looks like someone *Cough* Mister Black Bear *Cough* got into the patch.

As we were chopping and braiding corn leaves (Mister was chopping, Miss and I were braiding) this dark cloud rolled overhead and a clap of thunder that shook the hill rolled over us. Mister got to chopping a whole lot faster after that sound! We just got into the truck and were heading home and the sky opened up. It rained so hard we could barely see to drive.

Once we harvest the ears then we have all those stalks just standing there. Frugal goatherder`s that we are we hate to see anything go to waste, so we go up nightly, chop down a wagon load and bring them up for the critters. The goats love the leaves but not the stalks. Patty eats everything--Stalks, leaves and especially the ears that either were missed or are too small for the freezer. I wonder if he`s checking out Miss Yodeling to see if she`s as sweet as silver queen!

Aside from gardening chores we finally got all the wood that Mister had cut and split hauled. *Breaks into happy goatherder clog dance* Now we won`t freeze and Mister has a clean slate for fall hunting. Or at least he thinks he does. Mau-ha-ha-ha! Little does the poor man know, but I have some odd jobs that need his attention. Like that leaky bathroom ceiling for starters! Fall seems to bring its own load of labors doesn`t it?

What else is new and exciting here on the hillside farm? Let me take a sip and try to recollect. *Lifts mug to lips* Mmmm, what wondrous stuff! The book news is good. I`m working on the last chapter and have two artists that are interested in doing the jacket cover! I`m really excited to see their sketches. Once they have their drawings done I`ll choose which one gets their artwork on the cover.

We have our yearly monarch caterpillar in a jar. A couple of days ago we actually caught him or her (kind of hard to tell even when you do lift their tails) shedding his skin and forming his chrysalis. That was very cool to witness. We`re on our last week of drying down the milking does. I miss my goat milk terribly but I like to give the ladies a break while they`re gestating. Auron has become a sad sight, standing in his pasture and calling to the girls just across the driveway. So close and yet so far away……..

Other than that it`s pretty peaceful here at the moment. I finished one book and have started on the newest ‘Fallen Angel’ novel from my hero J.R. Ward, so a book review of the completed novel will be coming round the mountain soon. Funny thing, Miss came home on Friday with two books from the high school library. One was ‘The Iliad’, which yeah, Greek gods? Feral like! The other was ‘Beowulf’, also a spanking good read! I asked her if both were for her honors English class.

“The Iliad is,” she replied. “Beowulf is for fun.”

Give that kid a knuckle bump! Any teenager who will read ‘Beowulf’ for fun is okay in my book! Ha! I made a witty with Beowulf and book and….Ahem. Yes. Anydoodles she said while blushing, I hope y`all had a good weekend and that the rest of the week smiles upon you!

Off I go to clean. Or write. Or maybe read. Or brew a fresh pot and write and read! Yeah, that`s the ticket!!


Texan said...

Fall does bring on work it seems. For us its more catching up on everything we let go through the summer as its so dang hot you can't do a lot out side. My garden needs to be cleaned up and put to bed. Its been sitting there with dead plants for months now. We were done a long time ago harvesting. But it was to hot to clean up the rows. So now that has to be done. No fall garden for me this year.

J.R. Ward :O). Enough said!

Sharon said...

Yum - fresh corn, could use some now! A bear? Yikes, not my kind of neighbor! Pinning up the house for winter can be a chore in itself, can't it?

Glad your book writing is going swimmingly!

Jim said...

Good to hear from you this morning Vicki!
It's been a while but I see that you and yours are busy as ever! I feel like such a slug! But hey, slugs are more active than this 'city-slicker'!
All that corn, the tomatoes, the goats and their milk, the books......'no rest for the wicked' my grandmother used to say!!! lol
Have a great day.

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Your grandma was right Jim!

Yeah Sharon, those darn bears always seem to wait until the corns ready...although can`t say as I blame them.

*Knuckle bumps Texan* the WARDen rocks I agree.

TexWisGirl said...

obviously your daughter has some inherited traits from you! :)

so jealous you're getting good rains, but also glad for you and your fields - especially if you're able to harvest in between...

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

The geese love the corn husks. And the silk even. Amazing!

John Gray said...

my corn did bugger all this year
they are around 12 ins high!!!
a poor showing

Carol............. said...

Now you've got my mouth watering and I need to run to the local farm for some of that corn! LOL

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

TexWi-I wish I could send you some of this rain! I know you folks down there need it.

Nancy-I`ll have to toss some to the geese. I know they LOVE the tomato`s that are funky.

John-Aw darn, sorry to hear that.

Carol-Go for it girl! =)

Willard said...

Uh-oh that bear is in trouble! I always like reading your posts--they remind me so much of how things were on our family farm in my young years. I loved eating the fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and other garden produce.

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Howdy Willard! I always enjoy your blog as well. And yep, that bear is in trouble....if we can only catch him! *Winks*